Gohar Zaman fired from manager post, Zavisa given role

Gohar Zaman and Nasir Ismail (assistant coaches)

KARACHI: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) have sacked manager of national football team Gohar Zaman for negligence on his part before the team’s tour of Thailand last month and has decided to give this responsibility to head coach Zavisa Milosavljevic during Pakistan Under-22 team’s tour of Palestine this month.

“Gohar has been shown the door for his careless attitude as the manager ahead of the Pakistan team’s tour of Thailand recently and now Zavisa will also perform the duty of the manager while physiotherapist Dr Kamran Mehdi will assist him,” a top official of the PFF told ‘The News’ on Monday.

Gohar, also a former international, made a few lapses as the manager, which resulted in the rejection of visas of four key players who had to join the team in Bangkok a few days late. Gohar was acting both as manager and assistant coach of the national team for the last few tours. Following the blunder, Gohar was not sent to Thailand along with the team following a special order from the PFF chief Faisal Saleh Hayat.