Zong to send 32 Pak footballers to Man United soccer school

Zong has entered into next level of its partnership with Manchester united. As part of this partnership, Zong will be sending 32 young boys to Manchester United Soccer School for a 1 week training camp. ZONG is giving this first of a kind opportunity of being a hero to the football fans of Pakistan.

If you want to be one of 32 lucky footballers, then read on to know complete details on how to get on-board to fly to Manchester United School.

Zong will be identifying schools teams with max number of 16 players per team. First 120 teams to register will then be given a chance to prove their mettle by competing against each other.

For the selection of players, school soccer coach/PE coach will be consulted by ZONG Manchester United Staff at schools. 16 players identified by the coaches will then come together to form a team.

In order to help the young individual players, a team briefing will be organized. In which they will be provided guidance for the complete registration process along with the dates of all the fixtures.

These trials will be conducted in major cities of Pakistan which includes Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad. A Team of professional coaches will conduct these skilled based trails and select the best players to form 8 teams, consisting of 16 players in each team. 3 teams will be formed in KHI, 2 in LHR, 1 in ISB/RWP, MUL and FSB each.

Following will be the trials format:

  • Trials will be conducted by individuals who play in the senior Football League, Nationally. They will be neutral in their decisions.
  • The 5 days of Trails will be divided into 3 days for Drills. Pro’s will judge players based on performance of Drills. Drills will set up for each key position Goalies/Defenders/Midfielders/Forwards. This will be our first Filter
  • The last 2 days of Trails will be shorter Games (20 min games) conducted by the same group of individuals. This will be our second and final filter.
  • The officials will then take one day to finalize candidates and Teams
  • 8 ZONG Team players will be announced at the Dome and online and via SMS to the individual players
  • Decision of the Pro’s will Final

Individual players need to have their registration confirmed after their data is registered on the portal. Once player is registered he will receive a message on their ZONG-Man Utd SIM with trail date and times. Players will also receive trial format and process, which needs to be followed.

Football matches will be held among all these teams and the winning team comprising 16 players will be sent to Manchester United Soccer School. Apart from these 16 outstanding players during the matches will also be going to the school.

  • All of those who want to participate in these nationwide football tournaments will be required to purchase and activate ZONG-Man Utd SIM to enter the tournament.
  • ZONG-Man Utd Football scouts will be visiting schools for registering the future stars of football in Pakistan.
  • ZONG-Man Utd Dome will be set up at grounds where people can experience the world of Manchester United.

Source: ProPakistani.Pk