Sindh FA tells regions not to field teams in Sindh Games

KARACHI: Sindh Football Association (SFA) has refused to field teams of its five regions in Sindh Games in Mirpurkhas following a row with the organising committee over the number of players and officials in each team.

The organising committee of the Sindh Games had advised that each football team should have 14 players and one official, opposing which the SFA has instructed its regions not to form their teams. “We have advised Karachi as well as other regions not to form their teams as the organising committee is going to trample the rules of the game,” SFA secretary Hasan Baloch told ‘The News’ on Sunday.

“Football is a game in which players are prone to injuries and there should have been at least 18 players in the squad. Another thing is how a single official will be able to handle the team,” he said. “Those who have made such a decision don’t know the rules. It is a major game and we don’t want to degrade it,” Hasan said.

Meanwhile, a top official of the Sindh Olympic Association (SOA) said that the decision to reduce the number of players and officials in sports such as football, hockey and basketball was taken in order to accommodate other disciplines.

“If the number of players and officials for football and other games are increased then we will have to omit a few other disciplines,” organising secretary of the event Ahmad Ali Rajput said. “We have requested Karachi to field their team as other regions are ready to participate in the football event,” Rajput said. Sindh Games will be held from March 30 to April 1 in Mirpurkhas.

by The News, 26 March 2012.