Controversies mar KPT Challenge Cup

KARACHI: National Youth A and National Youth B, featuring in the National Challenge Cup, have not been treated by the authorities the way they deserved, sources said.

The Under-19 and Under-16 teams have been boarded in the PSB Coaching Centre hostel here which looks a bit repulsive due to lack of facilities. Initially, the players of these two teams, particularly those of the Under-16 team, had to spend a few nights without blankets and proper beds. Six or seven players were accommodated in a room. However, after a visit of the PFF top official, the boys were provided with blankets and mattresses.

Sources said that the PSB Coaching Centre Director did not take pain to pay a visit to the hostel to inquire about the problems the players were facing during the initial few days.

It was the responsibility of the PFF to provide them better boarding and lodging. A good hotel would have been an ideal place for them as the federation has funds. And these are the teams which have been performing well at international level, they said. Interestingly, departmental teams have been staying at hotels, which are much better than the hostel whose’ dining hall is also not clean enough to enjoy even a cup of tea there, said sources.

Moreover, the PFF have got Rs2.7million from the sponsors Karachi Port Trust (KPT) but it is astonishing that only a single person is acting both as a match commissioner and referees’ assessor which is also a violation of the rules. The officials that are assisting Serbian coach Zavisa also seem to be in utter distress, with no official conveyance facilities.

[THE NEWS, 16 March 2012]