All-Punjab Model Town Cup announced

Fame FC from Model Town (Lahore) announced holding the 2nd All-Punjab Day & Night Model Town Football Cup 2012 at Fame Football Ground in Model Town Block A&B, Lahore from 16 March till 20 April 2012.

Teams from across the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, and Muridke will take part in the 32-team knock-out event.

Real Lahore will face Lahore United in opening game on 16 March 2012 with 7 PM kick-off.


Match Schedule

                                       1st Round

               Club Name Match No. Date& Day Time
Real Lahore Vs Lahore united      M1 Mar 16, 2012Friday 07:00 pm
Model Town  Vs Baba Cargo      M2 Mar 18, 2012Sunday 06:00 pm
Shahkam Vs Raiders      M3 Mar 18, 2012Sunday 08:00 pm
Usmania  Vs Batapure      M4 Mar 19, 2012Monday 07:00 pm
Al Itthad Vs Shekhupura      M5 Mar 20, 2012Tuesday 07:00 pm
Canal View Vs Penci      M6 Mar 21, 2012Wednesday 07:00 pm
Mughalpura Hero Vs Roma seniors      M7 Mar 22, 2012Thursday 07:00 pm
All African Stars Vs S.K.S.S Manga     M8 Mar 23, 2012Friday 07:00 pm
Wohaib Vs Winner of M20      M9 Mar 24, 2012Saturday 07:00 pm
Nadeem Vs Roma junior      M10 Mar 25, 2012Sunday 07:00 pm
Afshan  Vs Walton      M11 Mar 26, 2012Monday 07:00 pm
Jabbar Friends  Vs Pakistan Mint      M12 Mar 27, 2012Tuesday 07:00 pm
FC GSU Vs Shaheen CMH      M13 Mar 28, 2012Wednesday 07:00 pm
Fame Sports Vs  Narowal      M14 Mar 29, 2012Thursday 07:00 pm
Fc Fame Vs Samanabad      M15 Mar 30, 2012Friday 07:00 pm
ICE        Vs Shaheen Muridke      M16 Mar 31, 2012Saturday 07:00 pm
Publican Vs Shahkamal     MA Mar 18,2012Sunday 11:00am
Iraj         Vs Shaheen WC     MB Mar 19,2012Monday 03:00pm

Winner of MA Vs Winner of MB

    M20 Mar 21,2012Wednesday 03:00pm


                                         2nd Round
    Winner of M1 Vs Winner of M2


Apr 2, 2012Monday

07:00 pm

Winner of M3 Vs Winner of M4


Apr 3, 2012Tuesday

07:00 pm

Winner of M5 Vs Winner of M6


Apr 4, 2012Wednesday

07:00 pm

Winner of M7 Vs Winner of M8


Apr 5, 2012Thursday

07:00 pm

Winner of M9 Vs Winner of M10


Apr 6, 2012Friday

07:00 pm

Winner of M11 Vs Winner of M12


Apr 7, 2012Saturday

07:00 pm

Winner of M13 Vs Winner of M14


Apr 8, 2012Sunday

07:00 pm

Winner of M15 Vs Winner of M16


Apr 9, 2012Monday

07:00 pm

     Quarter Finals

Winner of M17 Vs Winner of M18

     M25 Apr 11, 2012Wednesday

07:00 pm

Winner of M19 Vs Winner of M20

     M26 Apr 12, 2012Thursday

07:00 pm

Winner of M21 Vs Winner of M22

     M27 Apr 13, 2012Friday

07:00 pm

Winner of M23 Vs Winner of M24

     M28 Apr 14, 2012Saturday

07:00 pm

       Semi Finals

Winner of M25 Vs Winner of M26

     M29 Apr 16, 2012Monday

07:00 pm

Winner of M27 Vs Winner of M28

     M30 Apr 17, 2012Tuesday    07:00 pm

                                   3rd Place Match

Loser of M29 Vs Loser of M30

     M31 Apr 19, 2012Thursday    07:00 pm

Winner of M29 Vs Winner of M30

    M32         m Apr 20, 2012Friday    07:00 pm