Karachi DFRA Central holds certificate ceremony for referees

The District Football Referees Association (DFRA) for Karachi’s Central district held a certification ceremony for its referees yesterday 6 January 2011. Chief guest was PFRA secretary and renowned referees instructor Ahmed Ali, alongside SFRA secretary Qamar Yar Khan, and Karachi United Football Foundation (KUFF) administrator Riaz Ahmed.

The guests spoke during the occasion and agreed to reward and train local referees more proactively to ensure quality officials rise up to ranks nationaly and internationaly. PFRA sec. Ahmed Ali stated that referees refresher courses shall be held with help from KUFF to ensure local referees are kept upto date with latest developments in football laws and technologies. SFRA sec. Qamar Yar Khan praised DFRA Central for its commitment towards local referees and hoped Sindh FRA can match this level of professionalism.

KUFF administrator Riaz Ahmed said this was the first time since 1992 that a proper certificate ceremony was held for DFRA Central referees, and he praised current officials Saleemuddin Babar and M Shamim for helping local referees get training courses, seminars, and documentation procedures.