We could do better says Maldives coach Urbanyi

New Delhi, INDIA – Maldives coach Istvan Urbanyi has said that the team could do better than today in the next matches of the South Asian Football Federation(SAFF) Championship. Pakistan held Maldives to a goalless draw after missing several chances.

‘We had enough chances to win the match. We can do even better than today. We still have one match. We have to win it either way”

“How could a coach be happy if the boys create chance and if we don’t score. But if we could have scored a goal, we could have scored more than 2 or 3 goals. That’s how the game was”

“They tried to kill ashfaaq. There was not a single good tackle on him. It was two red cards already in the first 20 minutes of the game. They worked hard, but the last 10 minutes we had chances to win the match. In the last minute we had four big chances to score.”

“I am not disappointed. The boys worked hard and gave their best. We were unlucky today. That’s sport”

‘The extra minutes was a joke. Every single goal kick took 2 minutes and there was a lot of acting on the grass. If it’s an English game, it would have 8 or 9 extra minutes and a few yellow cards. But it is not my duty to judge the game”

“Every game is a pressured game for us. We have to win the last game. Even if we have win we have to fight for the next game. There is always pressure if the team’s coming with an ambition to play”

“Every game is different. I watched the previous match. Nepal was dominating the game. But just 10 minutes to the end of the game, Bangladesh could have won the game. They got 3 chances to score. The game against Bangladesh would be very competitive. Both teams have the chances to qualify and they would also fight to win the game. But that’s why we are here. We came here to win and we are working hard to win the games”

Meanwhile Pakistan coach Milosa Vijveic Zavisa said that their game plan in the first half was to stop Ashfaaq.

“First half we focused to stop the best player of Maldives, Ali Ashfaaq and we did it. But in the second half we changed the system to typical 4 -4 -2 and it worked for Pakistan in the second half”

“Finishing is the biggest problem for us. We had two great opportunities and we could not score. But it’s football. We have to work on the strikers as I mentioned in the previous conference.”

“It is very important for us to win the match. Nepal has an added advantage. But we have to work hard and we can do it”