KUFL draws after Ashura break announced

The 9th UBL Omni Karachi United Football League 2011-12 returns from the Ashura break with more fixtures as its group stages come to a conclusion.

KUFL organising secretary Riaz Ahmed announced the new fixtures, as well as sharing current standings and statistics of the league so far.

M # Contesting Team Group Date K.O. Venue
41 Baloch Mujahid vs Baloch Mohdn B 09.12.2011 3:30 PM Ibrahim Hydri Stadium
42 Karachi United vs Muslim Star B 09.12.2011 8:30 PM Ibrahim Hydri Stadium
43 Baloch Youth vs Frontier City A 10.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
44 Al-Shabaz vs Drigh Road Union B 11.12.2011 3:00 PM Korangi Baloch Sharafi
45 Burma vs Kalri Star A 11.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
46 FC Rovers vs Mauripur Baloch A 12.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
47 Frontier City vs Usmanabad Union A 13.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
48 Korangi Baloch vs Madina Shabaz B 14.12.2011 3:00 PM Korangi Baloch Sharafi
49 FC Rovers vs Kalri Star A 15.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
50 Baloch Mujahid vs Drigh Road Union B 16.12.2011 3:30 PM Ibrahim Hydri Stadium
51 Karachi United vs Al-Shabaz B 16.12.2011 8:30 PM Ibrahim Hydri Stadium
52 Burma vs Islah Baloch A 16.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
53 Baloch Youth vs Shazad Mohdn A 17.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
54 Kalri Star vs Frontier City A 18.12.2011 3:00 PM KMC Stadium
55 Irfan Memorial vs Baloch Mohdn B 18.12.2011 3:00 PM Korangi Baloch Sharafi
Walkover awarded to opponent side after 15 min from kick off. Any excuse will not be acceded to. Conveyance allowance has not been paid to the defaulting team.
All teams reach at ground before (minimum) 30 mintues from kick off and report to Match Commissioner.
No request for postponement of schedule matches.
Protest fee Rs.1000/- depositing with protest letter within one hour at final whistle.
Any team will not complete their matches or indiscipline seriouse action being taken against him.
Referee’s decision will be final. No protest lodge against him.
Organising Secretary