Karachi United Youth League results



KUFF North Nazimabad Centre defeated Gulshan Soccer Academy 2-0 while Baloch Mujahid Football Academy thrashed KUFF Lyari Centre in the same margin (2-0) and bag 3 points each in the 2nd KU U-14 Youth Football League 2011-12 being organized by Karachi United Football Foundation at KUFF Centre North Nazimabad and Baloch Mujahid Football Stadium, Ibrahim Hydri here on Wednesday evening, 7 Dec 2011.

KUFF North Nazimabad Centre played splendidly against Gulshan Soccer Academy during the entire encounter but scored only 2 goals at full time. Both the goals scored by Midfielder Ubaidullah in the 14 min & 47 min.

Baloch Mujahid Football Academy also played well defeated KUFF Lyari Centre 2-0. Baloch Mujahid striker Owais Baloch netted in 16th min and Mohammad Riaz scored in 48 min.

KUFF North Nazimabad Centre 6 points from 2 games, Baloch Mujahid 4 Points from 2 games, Gulshand Soccer and KUFF Centre no point from 2 and 1 game respectively.


KUFF Lyari Centre vs Korangi Centre on 9.12.2011 at KUFF North Nazimabad Centre
KUFF Centre North Karachi vs Kraci City Football Academy on 10.12.2011 at KUFF Centre North Nazimabad
KUFF North Nazimabad Centre vs Old Golimar on 10.12.2011 at KUFF Centre North Nazimabad Centre
KUFF Korangi Centre vs KUFF Malir Centre on 11.12.2011 at Jam Stadium malir
Baloch Mujahid Football Academy vs Gulshan Soccer Academy on 11.12.2011 at Baloch Mujahid Stadium Ibrahim Hydri

U14 KUYFL: Lyari and KCFA win

Old Golimar and Korangi Centres beaten.

The 2nd U14 Karachi United Youth Football League saw the results of 2 games. KUFF Lyari Centre hammered KUFF Old Golimar Centre 6-0 while Karachi City Football Academy beat KUFF Korangi Centre 2-0 to record 3 precious points each.

The Old Golimar Starium in Trans-Lyari saw Lyari Centre destroy Old Golimar Centre 6-0 in their 60 minute encounter. Noman and Jabbar scored 2 each, while Yasir and Chetan scored once each for Lyari Centre. KUFF North Nazimabad Centre hosted KCFA beating Korangi Centre 2-0 with goals from Abdullah and Nadeem.

The result left both victors Lyari and KCFA with 3 points from 2 games each. Korangi has 1 point from 2 games while this was Old Golimar’s first game. Referees were Habib Ullah, Babar Khan, M Imran, and Abdul Karim match commissioner. On Saturday, North Karachi Centre face KCFA, while North Nazimabad face Old Golimar.