Inter-University Football Championships (Zone G) results

Intervarsity Football Zone (G) Championship 2011-2012 organised by N.E.D University in Karachi. 31/10/11 – 02/11/11

Total 9 teams participated in this tournament including last year’s Winner and Runner that was Karachi University and NED University respectively.
1- Karachi University
2- NED University
4- IBA
5- Dawood university
6- Iqra University
7- Sir Syed University
8- IoBM (CBM)
                                                           31\10\11 Results

1st match  :- PAF-KIET  VS  IBA                                    (9-am at K.U)                     => PAF-KIET won the match by 4-3
2nd match :- PAF-KIET   VS DAWOOD  UNIVERSITY (11-am at K.U)                   => PAFKIET won the match by 5-0
3rd match  :- NED VS BIZTEK                                        (11-am at NED)                  => NED won the match by 28-0
4th match  :- KU  VS  IoBM                                             (1-pm at K.U )                    => KU won the match by 5-0


5th match :- SIR SYED  VS  IQRA                                   (9-am at NED)                    =>IQRA won the match by  2-1
6th match :- K.U VS  PAFKIET  1st semi final                   (11-am at K.U)                   =>KU won the match by 12-1
7th match :- NED VS IQRA  2nd semi final                        (11-am at NED)                  =>NED won the match by 3-1
02/11/11 (Final)

                                                                                 NED  VS  KU         (10-am at NED)
In the final both teams played really well. Till 80th minute of the game KU was leading  by 2-1 .NED was continuously trying to equalize the goals but missed many open chances to score the goal. In the end, KU won the match by 4-1 to retain the Zone G crown for 2nd year running.

The students of NED University team cited pressures in academic and examination activities as a factor of their final loss against a Karachi University side filled with active footballers from across the city affiliated with KU.

Both finalists qualify for All-Pakistan Inter Universities Football Championship scheduled to take place from 14 November 2011 in Islamabad.