Pak attendance in FIFA Futuro Refs course in Bangladesh

Dhaka: Three FIFA Futuro III refereeing courses for the South region of Asia have ended in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

The Head of Refereeing Course concluded on October 17 and the certificates of attendance were issued to the participants by the course Instructors, Azimi Abdullah and Muhiseen Ariff.

The closing ceremony of the Referee Fitness Instructors’ Course was on October 19 and the participation certificates were handed over by the course instructors Toshio Utsumi and Ganesan Maniam.

Meanwhile, the Referee Technical Instructors’ Course boasted four new candidates from Bhutan, Iran, Pakistan and India.

The new candidates have shared their views about the course, each of them with a unique opinion about the quality of the course and its instructors.

Their aim of participating in this course was to develop the participants’ technical knowledge and to understand the teaching methodology.

The participants’ expectations were to reach a higher level of referee instructing and transfer the knowledge gained from this course to all the referees in their country.

The participants have assured that they will do their best once they return to their home countries.