Karachi Football Round-up


The Karachi District South Championship at Lyari Football Stadium opposite Lyari General Hospital in Lyari, Karachi saw the result of one match. Khaskheli Sports beat Sadirbar Union 3-0 thanks with all goals in 2nd half including 2 goals from Ameen and one from Wali Muhammad. The winning side went through to next round. On Friday (28 Oct 2011), Usmanabad Union face Lyari Welfare Centre.


The All-Karachi Founders of Baloch Mujahid Memorial Football Cup at Baloch Mujahid Stadium in Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi saw the result of one game. Young Tughlaq (Lyari) trounced Janbaz Sports (Landhi) 9-0 to reach the quarter-finals. Sarfraz Ahmed scored a hat-trick, Zohaib and Zaheer scored twice each, while Ayaz Sr. and Adil Ahmed scored once each for Young Tughlaq.


The ongoing Karachi District Central Football Championship at 16 Star Football Ground in Federal Area ‘B’, Karachi has been revealed by inside sources to have clubs affiliated with DFA Central taking part in by registering players from DFA West just to make up their squad registry. This was told by Sindh FA general congress member and DFA West secretary Rahim Bakhsh.

He has warned that strong legal action and suspensions will be be carried out against those players from DFA West who have been recruited by DFA Central clubs to take part in the championship. The said clubs will also face similar sanctions and legal action for recruiting players from DFA West.

Rahim Bakhsh stated that the names of the DFA West players that have already taken part in the District Central Championship are being confirmed for appropriate action. He also vowed to make Sindh FA take action against all those guilty players, their original DFA West clubs, and their adopted DFA Central clubs and officials for allowing this gross misconduct to take place.