Exclusive FPDC Interview with upcoming Star Sami Malik (Hertha BSC Berlin, Germany)

By Webmaster and Chief Editor Malik Riaz Hai Naveed


Sami Malik
Sami Malik


We had the chance to talk to Hertha BSC (Bundesliga) U17 player Sami Malik about his career, about football and Pakistan. Check it out:


FootballPakistan.Com: Hey Sami, thanks for your Time, how is the season going on for you?

Sami Malik: It is a pleasure for me. Our season really going well and the guys are great. But due to an injury I haven’t played a match so far this season.


FPDC: Can you tell us about your football career? How did you get into football and how were you selected for Hertha BSC youth academy?

SM: I’ve always liked to play football in my spare time until I was then persuaded by a friend to come for training at Lichtenrader BC. After a time I took football more seriously and have had a trial at Hertha BSC. With success.


FPDC: Who are your idols, inspirational moments, and dreams in football?

SM: My idols are Cristiano Ronaldo and Danny Alves. It inspires me every time again to run into the ground with my team. It’s a great feeling to have different experiences with friends. The days of victory – if all goes well, but also the times when you get defeated. My biggest dream is playing as a renowned professional footballer in a big stadium.


FPDC: What do you hope to become in your football future?

SM: With my football future, I do not really concern myself. I focus on the current season here, trying to give everything and then we will see. Everything when the time comes.


FPDC: Like most young players in German academies, you must be aiming for Germany national football team appearances in future right?

SM: Yes that would be a very cool thing. This is one of my goals for the future.

Sami in Action
Sami in Action


FPDC: How well do you get along with your team mates, coaching staff, and officials at Hertha BSC?

SM: With my team mates, I’m really well. These are also good friends in private life. These are all very talented guys. With the coaches I’m also very good and clear anyway, but I think it belongs to a good cooperation.


FPDC: Since you also have Pakistani blood, would you also consider playing for Pakistan in international football if German national team chances become difficult?

SM: Of course it would be great to put on your home jersey and play for your country. But I’m more concerned about me and the season with Hertha BSC. Its now the most important thing.


FPDC: Pakistani parents around the world do not always support their children aiming to become professional athletes and sportsmen and ask them to focus on education. How have your family supported your dream of becoming a pro football?

SM: I get unbelievable support from my mother. She does everything for me to achieve my goal. Whether it is the hiring of a private trainer or building up a eating plan. She is really doing anything. She even has a double job to fund it all. And for that I am very grateful.


FPDC: Do you know of other fellow Pakistanis in Germany etc that are aiming to become pro footballers? Do they have the support of their families and have the talent to become top athletes?

SM: I don’t know any, sorry.

Sami at Hertha
Sami at Hertha


FPDC: Besides football, what are your other hobbies in life? How do you spend your time  outside football?

SM: Usually I meet friends in my spare time  and we do something. I also like shopping.


FPDC: Our fans at FPDC who are thrilled to hear about a fellow Pakistani youth like you aiming to become a top football in the Bundesliga. Do you have a message for the fans?

SM: Yes, I greet you all. It means so much to me and I am very happy that you all so excited and I hope it remains for the next few years.


FPDC: Thank you Sami Malik for your time. We hope that you become a professional footballer in a few years so that all of us can watch and follow your career and glory.

SM: It was a pleasure talking to you. I am so thankful for your support.
Pictures: Hertha BSC Berlin