GSA D-Goal semi-finals preview

Semi Final Fixtures

Sunday 11th September 2011, the Semi Final fixtures are decided. Schedule will be decided once the rains pass Karachi.

1- Bafana Vs Young Stars

2- Rebellions Vs Free Stylers

Here is a preview of the semi finalists.

BAFANA – This young and talented bunch of footballers are part of Gulshan Soccer Club (GSC). They have trained in Gulshan Soccer Academy and despite being young still are well known players across the Central District in Karachi. The style is very high energy and clinical finishing.

1- Kashif Ali – One of the rising stars in Club football in Karachi as the leading scorer in Central District of Karachi for the year 2011. Usually plays as Center forward but in this tournament has been doing the running for the team. Kashif Ali is also part of the Ali Garh University.

2- Athar Ali Mohsin – The Gulshan Soccer Club defender is an engine and is one of the fittest players in Karachi. He is the defensive rock in the tournament for Bafana.

3- Ali Hassan – The Szabist University and GSC forward is very high on skills and control. Has been under used in the tournament but his skills will come in handy in the final game of the tournament.

4- Asad – The Zia Uddin Medical university forward is also part of GSC. His strong running has resulted in goals in this tournament is a threat going forward. Pic is provided.

5- Kashif Zafar – The Ali Garh University and GSC winger is a well known player across Karachi. His wicked shooting has resulted in five key goals for the team.

Route – Bafana 5 – Super Sixes 0
Bafana 4 – FC Rizvia 2
Bafana 3 – Five Stars 2

Young Stars – The talented group of Footballers formed a team from the Karachi University International students. They have had historic players in Mustafa who has moved to UK And Musa as well. Still the team dazzles with players proving to be very quick and skillful. The Style is possession and movement.

1- Abdinisar Dina – The holding player for the team, with a high distribution rate and accuracy. Has been solid in the tournament. Practicies in Karachi University.

2- Abdul Razak – The engine of the team as his up and down movement is what keeps the team rolling. Has had a strong tournament. Part of Karachi University.

3- Saeed – The tall midfielder is keeping the tabs on the other team and is providing the team with key assists. Practices at Karachi University.

4- Mohammad Hussein – The team has been solid but this boy from the Young Stars has dazzled the tournament and has graced it with four vital goals. He also practices in Karachi University.

5- Mehmood Yemeni –  The cool mind in the team has been playing all around football and scored two vital penalties in the QF to see the team through. Also practices in Karachi University.

Route – Young Stars 2 – Barca 1
Young Stars 1 – Gunners 0
Young Stars 1 – Aziz Sports 1 (2-1 on pen)

Rebellions – The Gulshan Based team of young footballers under the captaincy of Hashim Yasin has become on the best teams in Karachi and regularly features in latter stages of tournaments across Karachi. Its a matter of time before the team should be registered and competing at club level. Style is high energy marking and Fitness.

1- Hashim Yasin – The captain and soul of the team is the reason why these youngsters are united and is vital to the team competing in various tournaments. The all action Sir Syd Uni midfielder and captain offers versatility to the team in the tournament.

2- Kamran Aslam – One of the hottest properties in Karachi. The dynamic Sir Syed University and Rebellions forward is the key for his team in this tournament and scores very vital goals and displays super skills.

3- Wahaj Siddiqui – This Rebellions midfielder / Defender is doing his ACCA from Cams. His high energy game was one of the key reasons for the Rebellions to gain victory in the QF.

4- Waleed Khan – The Bahria University forward is a sharp shooter. His quick feet and skills have bought him two goals in the tournament. Pic is provided.

5- Waleed Kidwai – Well known IOBM midfield across Karachi. Despite limited time is able to score key goals for the team in the tournament like a couple against Cant.. At one time was one of the best prospects in Karachi and is working hard to gain that status back.

6- Khurram Shakeel – The dynamic NED University last man is a rock in both forms of the game. Not playing up to his highest level in the tournament yet but can prove to be a rock in the semis and Finals.

Route – Rebellions 3 – Cantt Bazaar 3 (2-0 on pen)
Rebellions 3 – Young Khans 1
Rebellions 2 – Galacticos 0

Free Stylers – The youngest remaining team in the tournament have really provided the best football out of all the teams. The group of players who play in different teams have gelled with the perfect combination of skill and toughness to progress this far and are crowd favorites to make the final. Style is cheeky skills and quick break.

1- Ghassan – The Szabist University forward is currently unregistered but is ready for club level football. Has shown dynamic pace and very close controlling skills in the tournament. Scored a hatrick in first game.

2- Mehtab – The Greenwich Universtiy and Fanats FC forward has been the best player in the tournament. His control, shooting and passing has been spot on and he is getting the motivation at the right time as he is ready to take the crunching tackles coming his way.

3- Ashad Pathan – The last man from Fast University has played only one game but made countless blocks in the game. His form will be vital in the semis and finals.

4- Asad – The Fanatc FC player was also playing as last man in the first two games and performed considerably well. The demanding semis and finals will require him to step up his game.

5- Fasieh – The Fanatc FC player is playing as link up man in the tournament and his performance in the QF was the key reason why the team has made the semi. Smart tackling,  quick release and occasional penetration were mixed to perfect in the QF.

Route – Free Stylers 5 – SSUET 1
Free Stylers 2 – Lazy Boys 2 (2-0 in pen)
Free Stylers 2 – Old Fighters 1

Best Players

The below listed five players are favorites to win the best player and Rs 1000 award but a dynamic semi and finals performance can prompt any player to win the award.

1- Mehtab of Free Stylers – Pic provided

2- Ghassan of Free Stylers – Pic Provided

3- Kami of Rebellions – Pic Provided

4- Kashif Zafar of Bafana – Pic Provided

5- Mohammad Hussein – Pic Provided