DFA Central announce Liaquat Shah Memorial Cup Karachi

In a special Eid-ul-Fitr dinner hosted by Karachi DFA Central in North Karachi, officials announced the holding of an All-Karachi Syed Liaquat Shah Memorial Football Tournament in the coming month. All five Karachi DFAs will host separate tournaments in memory of DFA West’s legendary official Syed Liaquat Shah who past away earlier this year. The attending officials also directed football journalist and organiser Riaz Ahmed to help arrange sponsorship and support for the Liaquat Shah Memorial tournament in order to make it a success.

Among those present in the Eid Milan dinner were Fateh Muhammad Baloch (President of DFA Malir, vice-president of Sindh FA), Gulab Baloch (President of DFA South), Dr Hameed Baloch (Vice president of DFA West), Rahim Bakhsh (secretary DFA West), M Rahim (senior vice president of DFA East), Syed Usman Shah (vice president DFA East), Dildar Khan (ex-member DFA East), Saleem Arif, Muhammad Islam, as well as the dinner hosts from DFA Central in former international Saleem Patni, M Shamim, Ibn-e-Abbas, Adam Jan, Hosam Uddin, Mama Naeem Jadoon, Waseem Alam, Abdul Karim, Khalid Majeed, referee Babar Khan et al.

The DFA East and Central officials raised the problems and injustices faced by Karachi’s various football clubs to the city’s only Sindh FA vice president Fateh Muhammad Baloch. They urged him to help stop any discriminatory and unfair actions taken on their affiliated football clubs, to which the Sindh FA vice president assured that he will ensure that Karachi clubs are treated fairly and all matters are resolved legally, and all DFAs follow the appropriate rules and regulations.

DFA East and Central officials also approaced secretary of DFA West, Rahim Bakhsh, to also be a beacon of justice for football in their districts the way he is for DFA West, South, and Malir. They praised him for his self-less dedication to football and honesty, and hoped he too can help improve the woes of football in East and Central Karachi districts by working alongside Fateh Muhammad Baloch and SFA.

At the conclusion of the dinner, DFA Central officials thanked the guests for coming.