6th GSA Ramazan D Goal Tournament in Karachi

6th GSA Ramadan D Goal Tournament 2011

Street style football is back to the streets of Karachi in the shape of Gulshan Soccer Academy D Goal Ramadan tournament, sixth edition. The hugely popular competition with players from all over Karachi is back with more style and better players.

This year the tournament will include more registered teams and will allow the young talent of Karachi to beat these players and famous teams for a way to announce arrival of the talent of Karachi.

1- Can you get by Farhan Abdul Qadir of Pakistan Navy, Winner with Barca here
2- Can you score more then Muhammad bin Younus of KESC, First Winnner here with Majid Shaheed
3- Can you out smart Madni of the Karachi Kickers.

Various such challenges are in store.


1- Entry Rs 500
2- Winners and Runners Trophies and prize pack
3- 1000 Rs Best Player Award
4- Held at Sir Syed Basketball court near Nipa in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi.

Further details 0334-302-3904 Zahid Iqbal