Hameedullah elected New Secretary of DFA Central

The on-going crisis in Karachi District Football Association (DFA) Central saw new officials being elected through its Executive Committee and General Council members in an meeting held at the residence of DFA Central Vice-President and two time SAF Games football gold winner Saleem Patni. All vice presidents and general council members, including representatives of the 29 registered clubs of DFA Central attended this meeting.

ex-Internatiional Saleem Patni, Vice President Karachi DFA Central, meeting Baloch Mujahid striker M. Rizwan with journalist Riaz Ahmed
Hameedullah Khan, new elected Secretary Karachi DFA Central, introduced with players

 The members unanimously rejected the DFA Central President Aqeel Tazeem Naqvi’s decision of appointing secretary Asif Zaheer Hashmi as his successor and Hameedullah Khan was elected as new General Secretary by all members of DFA Central with a 2/3 majority vote. It was also announced that former Central member Abdul Karim was named new Secretary of Information & Broadcasting for DFA Central.

The members urged Vice President Aqeel Ahmed Bilgrami to reconsider his resignation from DFA Central and requested him to continue his fine work in the promotion of football as an important official.

It was also announced that in order to encourage more tournaments in the district, the tournament permission fees held due by DFA Central would be abolished, any club from DFA Central is now allowed to play in any tournament affiliated with PFF, Sindh FA, and all 5 Karachi DFAs without seeking prior permission, new club registration fees has been raised to Rs 5000, player registration card fees is Rs 100 with new players being allowed to be registered at any time, player transfer fees shall be decided after approval from Sindh FA, annual club subscription fees will be Rs 200, and all DFA Central finances shall be dealt with through a dedicated bank account.

It was also announced that DFA Central has been divided into 3 further zones to allow clubs to solve their problems through proper channels in each of their respective areas, with each zone having a dedicated in charge. The New Karachi Zone was given to Adam Jan and based at Ghausia FC premises, Nazimabad Zone was given to Lala Aurangzeb at Shah Faisal FC, and Federal Area Zone was given to Syed Khursheed Alam Shah at Federal United FC.

A provisional head office of DFA Central was set up at New Karachi United FC premises at Sector 11-A in New Karachi. The new General Secretary will sit in each of three Zone offices for a day while he will be available at head office everyday.