Brazil offer to help Pakistan football

Alam Zeb Safi [The News]

KARACHI: Football powerhouse Brazil has shown its willingness to help Pakistan in terms of football coaching and training so that the standard of the game could be raised in the country which is brimming with talent.

During a meeting with the Pakistan coach Shehzad Anwar in Sao Paulo in Brazil where he was attending an international course last month, Brazil’s Minister for Public Relations and Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Sports and Director Coaches Union have agreed to provide Pakistan with an instructor free of cost for two months. However, they have asked the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) to communicate with them in writing so that the plan could be implemented.

If an instructor is sent to Pakistan by Brazil, he will be provided with accommodation and food facilities by the Brazilian embassy in Pakistan while he will be paid by the country’s Sports Ministry.

Shehzad, also a License A coach, told ‘The News’ that the concerned ministries of Brazil will also try their level best to arrange a month-long training tour for Pakistan’s Under-16 or Under-19 team to Brazil.

He said that the steps will help Pakistan improve their football. “Our footballers need some solid training and Brazil’s assistance in the field will help the country improve its standard in the field,” said Shehzad.

He also revealed that he had talks with a few players there and four of them have agreed to play in the Pakistan Premier Football League.

“I have told them that they would not be paid more than $800 to $900 per month in Pakistan. But they have agreed which is a good sign for Pakistan as I believe that departments like KESC will be able to hire the services of these players,” Shehzad said.

“Former Colombian defender Ever Antoni Plasics, Patrick Neves Barbosa Figueiredo, Galahrami Fadallala and Refeel Fifo are the players interested to play in Pakistan. Ever Plasics is also interested in coaching a club here,” he said.

The whole report of the work done by Shehzad in Brazil will be extended to the PFF and then the federation will communicate with the Brazilian ministries to work over the project.