[URDU exclusive] Riaz Ahmed writes about Akber Wahidi

Riaz Ahmed

Noted football journalist and organiser Riaz Ahmed from Karachi wrote about the whole life of Akber Wahidi which was published on FPDC with help of Chief Editor Ali Ahsan in English on the day of his death.

However, in respect of Riaz Ahmed’s close friendship and mentorship under Syed Akber Ali Wahidi during his sports journalism career, FPDC is publishing an exclusive Urdu article by Riaz Ahmed about his relationship with the late PFF Media Manager.



Riaz Ahmed on Akber Wahidi (1/3)
Riaz Ahmed on Akber Wahidi (2/3)
Riaz Ahmed on Akber Wahidi (3/3)


Riaz Ahmed has been an immense source of football news from throughout Karachi and Sindh province for last many months, and we deeply appreciate his help for FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC), and consider him as our honorary staff member.

Akber Wahidi (right) with M Rauf Bari (left) in Faisalabad, hours before his death (pic thanks to Mr Abdul Majid)