Syed Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari attains Sindh FA presidency

The on-going football elections across Pakistan saw Syed Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari, former MNA and well as current senior Vice President of both PFF and SAFF, become the President of Sindh Football Association (SFA) after running unopposed alongside a new cabinet.


Syed Khadim Ali Shah presiding over PFF Congress in 2010

The new cabinet includes Syed Khadim Ali Shah as President, Muhammad Iqbal (Mirpurkhas), Azam Khan (Hyderabad), Mir Yaqoob Ali Shah (Sukkur), and Fateh Muhammad Baloch (Malir, Karachi). The state of football in Sindh has received a massive boost with the election of such individuals taking charge of SFA, according to various sports writers and enthusiasts.

Syed Khadim Ali Shah took part in the Sindh FA elections held on 24 April 2011 held under provincial election convenor Khalid Latif after being the only person submitting his complete nomination papers on time. With no one else challenging him for the post, the election officials declared him as the sole winner as the unopposed candidate.

Syed Khadim Ali Shah had been Senior Vice President of the SFA for last 4 years where he devoted a lot of time to attending any football events he was invited as a guest, winning him many admirers for noticing the game across not just Sindh but also Pakistan.

Many people offered their felicitations to the new Sindh FA President. Including KUFC officials Taha Alizai, Imran Ali, Adeel Rizki, Arshad Jamal, journalist Riaz Ahmed, Zone West officials Syed Usman Shah and Muhammad Rahim, Central Zone member Abdul Karim, FC Rovers manager Khalid Majeed, ex-international Saleem Patni, Sec. Referees Central Zone M. Shamim, ex-Secretary Cental Zone Ibn Abbas, Chairman Referees Zone West Chaudhary Israr, Zone West members Iqbal Minhas and Sameen khan, Saleem Arif, Babu Feroze, et al.

All the people hoped for Khadim Ali Shah’s tenure bringing in a brand new era of football across Sindh under his leadership where all decisions for the game will be done on merit with a true revolutionary spirit. Many club officials and players across Sindh hope that the new SFA leadership can help solve their long standing grievences and problems with Syed Khadim Ali Shah taking a central role in the game’s uplift.

Source: Riaz Ahmed


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