Ronaldinho speaks for Pakistan Flood Relief


This initiative is a serendipitous collaboration from Rio to Lyari and some places in between. The idea emerged in New York and was passed on to Rio where Nilton Leao approached his friend Ronaldinho.

Nilton filmed Ronaldinho’s message and shirt signing in Milan. The first cut of the video was filmed in Lyari by Fatima Rizwi and then edited by Samad Khurram in Islamabad.

From there it landed in the able hands of Asad Beg who finalized the content and the edits. This is a message of hope and support for Pakistanis, particularly our younger citizens. Stay in the game kids!

It is also a tribute to my love for Pakistan and for Brazilian football. This has been an incredible opportunity and privilege to combine the two in a message of support for Pakistanis.

We at FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) would like to thank Ronaldinho for supporting Pakistan in these testing times and giving the football lovers of this country a message of hope. We also would like to thank the people responsible for this ambitious humanitarian relief step in bringing such a world renowned football personality to show his support towards the millions affected by the 2010 floods in Pakistan.