PFF releases Congress list for 2011-15 minus Punjab

Following the conclusion of the 2011 football elections for constituent District and Provincial FAs across Pakistan, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) released the list of its new General Congress that will serve for the 2011-15 term.

However, the three Punjab FA members for the Congress have not yet been included in the list yet.

The list includes the three elected members each of Sindh FA, Balochistan FA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FA, and one from Islamabad FA, alongside one member representing each of the 8 departments in PIA, Police, Army, Navy, PAF, Railways, WAPDA, HEC.

Also in the PFF Congress is one member from the Pakistan Football Referees Association (PFRA) as well as from each of the four top division clubs from Pakistan Premier League and National Women Championship in Afghan FC Chaman, PMC Club Athletico Faisalabad, Young Rising Star FC Rawalpindi, and Diya FC Karachi.

The interesting thing to note is PIA has appointed current national team coach Tariq Lutfi as its PFF Congress representative despite his retirement from PIA earlier this year to join KRL as its head coach.

Also interesting to note is how HEC is still considered a PFF Congress member as a ‘department’ despite being more or less inactive in nationwide football for sometime.