KESC U16 Karachi Cup trials: Abdul Malik Khan asked to stay away

The trials taking place for selection of Karachi Zone Central teams for the KESC U16 Karachi Football Cup 2011 have become tarnished by accusations of nepotism and corruption towards various individuals accused on intereference in these trials.

Former secretary of Karachi Zone Central FA from 1995 till 1999, Ibn-e-Abbas has accused Zone East FA chairman Abdul Malik Khan of tarnishing the U16 trials outside his zonal jurisdiction by pressuring the selection of certain players from clubs he is politically friendly with, while denying the deserving players from other clubs and teams the chance from fair selection.

Ibn-e-Abbas also stated that the trials were being initially being held at Shadab Ground in Karachi’s Federal-B area before being switched to 16 Star Ground in Federal-B area without any prior notice because of political pressure and interference from people that have no right or legal powers to do so.
He also accused Abdul Malik Khan of interfering in football matters in a Zone that he has no jurisdiction over anymore  by using illegal tactics of blackmail, threats of suspension, and poorly treating the officials and players of clubs he has differences with. Ibn-e-Abbas stated that Abdul Malik Khan’s previous 4 years with Zone Central have had an adverse affect on the football and he fears Zone East will have to do with the same under Abdul Malik’s petty whims and power struggles.

Ibn-e-Abbas has appealed to the new Sindh FA president Syed Khadim Ali Shah, KESC CEO Tabish Gauhar, KESC Sports Coordinator Zabe Khan, organising secretary Rahim Bakhsh, and Zone Central FA chairman Aqeel Tazeem Naqvi to intervene and take action against this example of gross misconduct by Abdul Malik Khan.

KESC has been advised to run the trials across all zones of Karachi under their own supervision to avoid nepotism and misconduct that could break the hearts and confidenc of many young players caught in the local political faction quagmire.

He also expressed concerns that Abdul Malik Khan is deliberately and illegally undermining the effectiveness of Aqeel Tazeem Naqvi because of his interference in Zone Central affairs.