DFA Pishin’s Hameed Ullah Tareen congrats Balochistan FA for election wins

The General Secretary of District Football Association (DFA) Pishin in Balochistan, Malik Hameed Ullah Tareen, released a statement congratulating the newly elected members of the Balochistan Football Association (BFA) in the recently held nationwide elections for football bodies from district till national levels. He expressed hope that under Muhammad Jan Marri’s leadership in BFA, football will continue to rise across Balochistan province.

He expressed his pleasure that all the elections were held in an appropriate, fair, and peaceful manner keeping in mind the democratic norms and ethics. However he raised concerns about politicised factions hijacking football even at local levels to disrupt election proceedings as well as the harming a Distric FA’s integrity in administrating football for their own needs. Hameed Ullah Tareen urged the Balochistan provincial cabinet to step in and suspend such elements from harming the game at district as well as provincial levels.

[Source: Sami Tareen, Pishin]