Criticism over Abdul Malik Khan mounts in Zone Central

Wasim Alam, joint secretary Rahbar Sports FC (New Karachi, Zone Central)

Wasim Alam, joint secretary of Rahbar Sports FC (New Karachi; Zone Central) added his voice to growing criticism of various football officials’ misconduct in Karachi, with current Zone East FA chairman Abdul Malik Khan being singled out for his continuous interference in Zone Central FA affairs.

Wasim Alam protested over Abdul Malik Khan still exercising influence through underhand means to manipulate and blackmail various football clubs and tournament organisers across Karachi in stopping ‘rival’ clubs from not participating. Wasim Alam stated the examples of how his own team Rahbar Sports is facing immense difficulty exercising its right to play in the Medicam Trophy (hosted by Shah Faisal FC, Nazimabad) and League Football tournament (hosted by Azamnagar FC, Liaquatabad) because of outside pressure on tournament organisers from the influential Abdul Malik Khan faction who threaten action over Rahbar Sports’ inclusion. He also stated similar injustice being faced by Zone East clubs Korangi Gymkhana, Burma Mohammadan, and Madho Mohammadan (Safari Park) in being stopped from competing in Zone East tournaments because of political grudges held by Abdul Malik Khan.

Wasim Alam also stated that the much celebrated and coveraged 360 Club Football League ended over a year ago but the participation money owed to Zone Central sides Gulshan Soccer, Wasif Memorial, and Rahbar Sports, alongside match commissioner Ibn-e-Abbas and national referee Saleem Musa has still not been granted. The nearly Rs 200,000 total owed to the clubs and officials was the responsibility of tournament organising secretary, and former Sindh FA member, Qamar Yar Khan. Abdul Malik Khan had previously promised the money to the teams and officials shall be released in time as back then Abdul Malik was chairman of Zone Central FA and as a result was the guarantor for his Zone’s clubs and officials.

However, the entry fee money owed to Gulshan Soccer and Wasif Memorial, Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively held by Qamar Yar Khan, has not been paid inspite of Abdul Malik Khan’s guarantee. Wasim Alam gave the example of how Zone West secretary Rahim Bakhsh got personally involved as guarantor and made sure Zone West sides Young Ansari, National Afridi, Mauripur Baloch, Makran Sports, National Shaheen, Baloch Youth Garden, and match officials Chaudhry Israr, Muhammad Iqbal Minhas, and Zone West referees got their respective paid in full by tournament organisers. In comparison, Abdul Malik Khan’s lethargy and false assurances in failure to pay the dues owed to Zone Central sides even after 1 year deserves condemnation and legal action as it appears that he and Qamar Yar Khan are together involved in such gross misconduct and corruption.

Wasim Alam urged Dr Muhammad Ali Shah – president of Sindh Olympic Association and Sindh Minister of Sports, Syed Khadim Ali Shah – president of Sindh FA, and Zone Central FA chairman Aqeel Tazeem Naqvi to take strong action against Abdul Malik Khan and Qamar Yar Khan for their gross misconduct that has affected many clubs and match officials that have been denied their right of money owed to their participation in previous tournaments and for the political blackmail they faced.

Wasim Alam promised that he and all affected clubs and officials will launch a protest in front of Karachi Press Club highlighting their grievences and anger towards the illegal activities of Abdul Malik Khan, and Qamar Yar Khan.