PMC Athletico President Saif Bhatti expresses deep sorrow at Akber Wahidi’ sad demise.

By our staff reporter.


Saif Ur Rehman Bhatti
Syed Akber Ali Wahidi (1957 - 2011)

The entire Pakistan football fraternity was today shook by the sad, unexpected demise of Akber Wahidi, the pen to Pakistani football. From officials to fans, from journalists to students of NED, his alma-mater, all are grieved at this devastating news.

One person especially aggrieved is PMC Athletico President and NBP Challenge Cup organizer Rai Saif Ur Rehman Bhatti, as Wahidi passed away whilst his guest at the event.

‘I cannot express my feelings, I feel as I have lost myself somewhere. We have lost a great man. He died in my own arms and as my guest, you can’t even imagine the pain.” Saif Bhatti said when asked about Wahidi’ death.

He added, ‘I called him on the 19th of April and inquired why he hadn’t come to Faisalabad to cover the Challenge Cup. He replied this assignment wasn’t given to him. I asked him on personal behalf to come as my special guest to witness and cover the event as only he could. He accepted my invitation and came to Faisalabad on the 21st of April and I provided him the best possible stay available and my best hospitality. He was enjoying it here, and was covering the event, and also appreciated my efforts in organizing this event which are comments I now cherish. This is the least I could do such a humble man, who can be best known as a Malang.

It was alarming when I received a call from (PFF Manager Competitions) Rauf Bari at 9:15 am today telling me that Akber Wahidi is not responding, I reached there as soon as I could to find rescue 1122 declare him dead. What an unrepairable loss indeed.’

When asked if he would ask the PFF management to dedicate the final or an award to Akber Wahidi, Saif Bhatti said he will try his best to make that possible, and that he had ensured the stadium sound system today lay silent for a minute today to honour Wahidi and a Dua was offered for his forgiveness.

‘In two or three days with him, I got to know what a dynamic man he was. He was a civil engineer and I was surprised by his humility and his love for football, which was un-paralleled. Football may never recover from this loss.’ He concluded.