National Women Club Championship draws announced

Lahore, 14 April : Frontier College, who earned surprise quarter-final spot in last year’s 6th National Women Championship on maiden appearance, will take on Striker Club on Friday, 15 April (3.30 PM) when the fourth edition of National Women Football Club Championship 2011 will commence at Peshawar.

The event will be played from 15-27 April 2011 at five zones. PFF announced the draws and matches in Islamabad are set to go underway from 19 April while the girls in Karachi, Quetta and Lahore will lineup from 21 April.

The Group-D’s six matches are allotted to Frontier Women College, near Qisa Khawani Bazar, Peshawar City. The second match on Friday will be between FATA v Peshawar at 5 PM

The top two teams of Lahore and Islamabad zone will travel, alongwith Champion of Quetta, Karachi and Peshawar Zone, into 7th National Women Championship slated to run at Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium from 17-30 September 2011. The field for qualification expanded to seven from four. The four qualifiers last year were Frontier College, Karachi’s Diya FC, Lahore’s Sport Sciences and Rawalpindi’s Young Rising Star.

Group A (Aga Khan Gymkhana Ground, Karachi)
21 april: Karachi Kickers v Marta (3.30 PM), Diya v TC club (5 PM)
23 April: TC Club v Karachi Kickers ( 3.30 PM), Diya v Marta (5 PM)
25 April: Diya v Karachi Kickers (3.30 PM), Marta v TC Club ( 5 PM)

Group-B at Lahore
Pool I (Punjab University Old Campus Ground on 1 Cust Road near M.A.O College)
21 April: LUMS v Sports Sciences (4.30 PM)
23 April: LUMS v LGS (4.30 PM)
25 April: Sports Sciences v LGS (4.30 PM)
Pool II (Model Town Academy Ground)
21 April: Fatima v Lahore Fighters (4.30 PM)
22 April: Model Town v Fatima Club (4.30 PM)
24 April : Model Town v Lahore Fighter (4.30 PM)
27 April: Semi Finals

Group C ( Jinnah Stadium, PSB Complex)
19 April: Hazara Shaheen v Margala (3.30 PM), Young Rising Star RWP v Sargodha University ( 5 PM)
21 April: Hazara Shaheen v YRS Layyah (3.30 PM), Margala v Sargodha University ( 5 PM)
23 April: Hazara Shaheen v Srgodha University (3.30 PM), Young Rising Star RWP v YRS Layyah ( 5 PM)
25 April: Hazara Shaheen v Young Rising Star RWP(3.30 PM), YRS Layyah v Margala ( 5 PM)
27 April: Young Rising Star RWP v Margala (3.30 PM), YRS Layyah v Sargodha University (5 PM)

Group-D ( Frontier College, Peshawar)
15 April: Frontier v Striker ( 3.30 PM), FATA v Peshawar ( 5 PM)
17 April: Peshawar v Frontier (3.30 PM), FATA v Striker (5 PM)
19 April: FATA v Frontier (3.30 PM), Peshawar v Striker ( 5 PM)

Group-F ( Govt. Degree Girls College, Quetta)
21 April: Balochistan United v Quetta Junior (3.30 PM), Chiltan v Roshni ( 5 PM)
23 April: Roshni v Balochistan United ( 3.30 PM), Chiltan v Quetta Junior (5 PM)
25 April: Roshni v Quetta Junior (3.30 PM), Chiltan v Balochistan United (5 PM)