Karachi Zone West suspends 3 players for bad conduct

Hameed Afridi (Young Ansari)

Karachi Zone West FA general secretary Rahim Bakhsh ordered strict suspensions on 3 players affiliated with Zone West for consistently showing bad conduct, rough play, and poor discipline in many tournaments played across Karachi in recent times.

Young Ansari FC’s star striker Abdul Hameed Afridi was given a 6 month ban scheduled to run from 10 April to 10 October 2011. Malik Star FC’s Shabir and Shabaz Green’s Rahim Gul were both given 3 month bans each from 10 April to 10 July 2011.

Hameed Afridi’s red card suspensions during the 8th Karachi Football League 2010-11 badly affected Young Ansari’s chances of making the final. Hameed was top scorer of the tournament but his team failed to make the final in the end. His red card offences in other tournaments also forced Zone West to take drastic action.

All three players have been ordered to stay away from football activties for their ban periods as punishment. The clubs and players have been directed to strictly follow the decision of Zone West FA otherwise the penalties will be increased.