Young Talent: Noman Mirza Khan from Karachi

Pakistan has no dearth of talent and especially now in football. The young generation has taken to this wonderful game with love and a passion not seen in other games here in Pakistan. The need of the hour is to promote the young talent and to provide them with chances to showcase and enhance their skills.

We caught up with such a young talent from Karachi named Noman Mirza Khan. He is 18, a student, a highly talented wing back and even broke into the Sui Southern Gas team last year. He has hopes of continuing football and representing Pakistan in the future. Here is a short interview with the young man.

FPDC: Please tell us about your playing history, when did you start, your career in football?

Noman: Hello, Salam, I started playing football from my school. I was the captain there, than i started to play 4 my club Aga Khan Gymkhana in Karachi and then I went to Sui Southern Gas team for training while training they offer me to play 4 them and I accepted it and played for them in the Pakistan Premier League. I played my debut match against KPT it was very tough match and we lost to them 2-1 but it was a great day for me. I play left full back or left wing.

FPDC: Is there any role model for you?

Noman: Yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo! He is good player and I like his game, he is confident every time n he is role model to me.

FPDC: What needs to be changed in pakistani Football?

Noman: There should be fair selection and under 18 pff league should be started.

FPDC: What difficulties young aspiring footballers like you face in Pakistan?

Noman: There are lack of facilities, lack of good grounds , lack of professional coaches , and ultimately lack of chances.

FPDC: What is your future plan?

Noman: I want to play football because it is my passion and I want to study further. Sui Southern might offer me a contract this year, we are in negotiations, I will weigh the decision though.

FPDC: Do you see any chance of playing international?

Noman: Yes, I am 18 n looking to play in the under-19 Pakistan team this year its my dream to wear green coat and represent my country.


FPDC: Thank you for your time and best of luck for the future.

Noman: Thank You FPDC.