Pakistan vs Palestine 4th March 2011 [LIVE UPDATES]


FULL TIME: Pakistan 0-0 Palestine. GOAL LESS IT ENDS. Pakistan and Palestine play out a stalemate in the Peoples Stadium, Lyari, in the 2nd and the last friendly of the Pakistan-Palestine football series. Palestine had more possession but the Pakistan defence was far better than in previous games and shut them short. Pakistan were good on counters and long-balls and had 2-3 great chances to win the game.

Special thanks to Maaz and Syed Ali Wasim for the updates from the ground.

90+3′: A last minute shot by Pakistan is saved by the Palestine Goal Keeper. It was almost a great victory.

88′: OMER’s REDEMPTION: A through ball to ABU BELAL finds him one on one. Omer with FLASH-ISQUE speed comes out and falls to slide to the ball and saves the game. Belal gets a Yellow card for an outstretched leg.

86′: Disastor!!! ALMOST! Ghazanfar’s back pass goes through the feet of Muhammad Omer, the goalie rushes and slides to save himself from embarrassment! embarrassed still…

85′: AWESOME STUFF: Arif Hussien blasts a volley from WOAH 30 yards which misses being the winning goal by mere inches. GAME ON!!

81′: Paksitan substitution: On a goal drought lasting as many matches as the fingers on both of my hands KaleemUllah comes on for captain Jadeed Khan. Lets see if he can score.

80′: Muhammad Omer looks injured on the floor. ‘NOT SO DR.’ kamran mehdi treats him and he looks in pain but still is playing. Amir Gul is warming up meanwhile

76′: The game and updates are coming in at a CRAZY pace right now. Only just on the field, Jabreen coming close with a curler…

75′: Pakistan Substitution: Ghanzanfar Abbass coming on for Ahsan Ullah, well played Ahsan!

73′: Can’t Reach! The Palestinian GK comes off the line to deny Rizwan‘s hopes of lashing on to a through ball to get Pakistan infront.

72’: Fresh Legs: Palestine substitution. Muhammad Jabreen comes on to freshen things up in place of Iyad Ghardood.

CAN PAKISTAN DO IT??? COMMENT!!! Thanks to Khurram Suleman for the picture below…


Somebody once asked Muhammad Adil of KRL his height, he replied shorter than you standing, dwarf you in a jump!

65′: Living dangerously: Alamgir Yellow card for a bad tackle on the Palestine forward.

64′: Pakistani team hears our fans chants and responds with a great attack that sees Mehmood Khan smacking the ball just over the bar. The first real chance Pakistan has had in the second half.

60′: Palestine all out on the attack now, they are coming in for the KILL (funny to use the word). A run from their RM leads to a corner which is just cleared by our Water-tight defence!!! COME ON PAKISTAN!!!

55′: Omer with a great save, the Palestinian striker Abu Belal (who scored in Lahore) hitting the ball from inside the area after neat touches only to see OMER REJECTING HIM!

After much delay here is the Palestine squad: Muhammad A.M. Shbair, Khalid A.K. Mehdi, Samer M.A. Helsi, Khader Abu Hammad, Ashraf Alfawaghra, Hussam R.S. Wadi, Murad R.M. Said, Iyad Gharhoud, Shatarat Muhammad, Hussam Abu Saleh, Atef Abu Belal.

49′: Palestine get a dangerous looking free kick right outside the Pakistan box, straight into the wall.

46′: The second half is under-way at the peoples stadium in Karachi.


FPDC Editor Gauhar Mahmood Azeem, ”From what I can learn from our correspondents at the stadium, the game is quite similar to the Lahore tie. BUT we have not conceded the 2 early goals that we gave away in Lahore. The counter attacking, long ball style has repeated itself and Palestine are getting good possession on the ball but the stronger defence today from our side has limited them. TAUSEEF’s injury, yet to be assessed, could mean he can be out of the Malaysia game on the 9th of March, which will be NO GOOD NEWS. Pakistan might win this one, you never know.”


Half Time: The first half comes to an end with Palestine dominating the possession and fast wing play. Pakistan with some neat counter attacks and LONG BALLS. Lots to sort out for Lutfi and Nasir.

45′: AhsanUllah crashes into Suleman Ubaid and flattens him. AhsanUllah gets booked for his tackle.

45′: Pakistan claim for a penalty after a ball hits the Palestinian defender in the box. No handball says the referee.

42′: The game has died down a bit, NO SHOT ON TARGET FOR THE FIRST 40 MINUTES EITHER SIDE. The game needs some spark, and Tauseef needs a doctor.

Correction thanks to Ali Khanani on the field, Tauseef is injured not Alamgir!

The transporters strike in Karachi has severely affected the crowd for today’s game.

35′: Substitution: Abu Hammad comes on for Al Alhendi for Palestine, TACTICS.

33′: Both teams cross from the RW onto the keepers in quick succession.

26′: Substitution Pakistan: Arif Hussien comes on for Pakistan after an unfortunate injury to Tauseef. OUCH!

21′: Rizwan clean through on goal, Whistle, OFF-SIDE!

17′: A long range curler from Jadeed Khan, 25 yards, hits the side netting. CLOSE! come on Captain!

14′: Pakistan get a throw in near the Palestine area. Palestine counter, 2 v 2!!! He shoots wide, LUCKY PAKISTAN. The Palestinians bypass the Pakistan midfield like anything.

8′: Palestine possession breaks into a Pakistan counter which sees Rizwan charging on the Palestine defence only to be stopped from the last man.

Pakistan Team: Starting Line-Up: Muhammad Omer, Jadeed Khan, Rizwan, Alamgir,  Manzoor, Ahsan Ullah, Tauseef,  Adil, Mehmood Khan, Saddam Hussien, Faisal Iqbal

Substitutes: Amir Gul, KaleemUllah, Arif Hussein, Ubaid, Qaid

1′: A Pakistan long free-kick straight into the Palestinian keepers hands.

0′: Match has kicked off and still the media hasn’t received the team sheets. Alas!


5  minutes before kick-off: Pakstani National anthem, stand up!!!


10 minutes before kick-off: Substitutes make their way to the two benches. THE SQUAD LISTS HAVEN’T BEEN PHOTOCOPIED AND STILL NOT HANDED OVER TO THE MEDIA. WEIRD!!!

Muhammad Omer starts in goal though!


25 minutes before kick-off: A military band is playing for the crowd, the now 3,500 strong crowd is dancing to their tunes. A lot of Palestinians in the crowd today. Team news coming soon…


Our reporters from Karachi Maaz and Ali Wasim report that teams have started warming up for the game. There is an estimated crowd of 2500 in the stadium, 35 minutes before kick off. We need more fans, come on KARACHI!


The Stadium: Today’s game takes place at the Peoples Football Stadium, located in Lyari, Karachi. Built in 1988, the stadium can house 25,000 spectators at a max. The stadium held many international games through the 90’s and recently has served as the home stadium of HBL F.C. and has also housed the Geo Super Football League.

Our Chief Editor, ALI AHSAN adds, ”Peoples Stadium is also the home stadium of KESC. In fact, I think KESC has attempted to make it better in recent months.

Also this was the stadium where Zesh Rehman made his debut for Pakistan back in Dec 2005 for the SAFF Cup when 30,000 crammed in just to see him!


Whistles and Cards: The four officials who will step into field to supervise the match today will be Rana Naseer Ahmed (Referee), Shahid Hussain and Shafaat Habib (ARs) and Rana Jehanzeb Tipu (4th Official).


Pre-Match News: Pakistan are not expected to change the starting XI from the Lahore tie a lot. If KaleemUllah is passed fit, he will surely play some part in the encounter, if he is unavailable Islamabad based FahadUllah may get a chance to shine today. Amir Gul may get a run out today as well, although all of Lyari would love to see their hero, Muhammad Omer, play in goal. They will also like to see RB Ubaid get on the pitch today. Lets wait to see if Sydney based Ahmed Akber did enough in Lahore to earn a start.

Palestine coach Mousa Bezaz is expected to shuffle his squad a little, maybe accommodate some of the youngsters that will play in the Olympic Qualifier against Thailand.


Welcome to FPDC Live Updates of the Pakistan vs Palestine friendly game live from Peoples Stadium, Karachi today on 4th March 2011.

The game will be delayed broadcast on PTV National. Unfortunately, there are no known internet streams of PTV National available. So we are here with extended updates so that fans can enjoy the action LIVE!