Tariq Lutfi’s message to FPDC before departure [EXCLUSIVE]

From our Lahore Correspondent

Pakistan national team head coach Umer Farooq Tariq Lutfi gave an exclusive message to FootballPakistan.Com (FPDC) prior to the U21 team’s Sunday departure for 2-week Thailand tour in preparation for Olympic qualifier against Malaysia.

“Thanks for your team’s support for Pakistan team. I believe in my players and have the desire to bring surprises in upcoming challenges faced. The players have tremendous energy and I will do my utmost to convert each individual’s focus towards winning mentality and of course self-belief. Keep supporting Pakistani football. Take Care.”

We at FPDC would like to thank Mr Lutfi for his heartfelt message and desire to see Pakistani football forward. He, and his coaching staff, have our full support in helping this Pakistan U21 team showcase their talents, enjoy the game, and play with the mentality of fearless winners and daring competitors.

Bon Voyage and Godspeed!