MTFA Referee Academy from next month

Lahore, 15 Feb: MTFA Referee Academy will be launched next month which will be first ever Referee Academy on Pakistan soil under the aegis of Model Town Football Academy. The aim and purpose of the MTFA Referees Academy is to develop and train young referees to become excellent, accurate referees and to promote refereeing as a professional part of the game. The Academy offers young football enthusiasts an entry into the world of Football by realising the ideal of becoming a professional, career referee,” said MTFA President Mian Rizwan Ali.

It will be fifth edition in the MTFA family and a welcome act in Lahore football fraternity after Model Town Club, Model Town Academy,Women Wing of Acedemy and Model Town United FC.
In the football world today the role of the referee has become a significant and integral part of the game. No game  can commence without a referee. Therefore the decision making of a referee has a huge impact on the game and with the money involved in various competitions, it is imperative that the referee should be accurate. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game and the speed the modern game is played at, there will be mistakes, as referees are also human. The academy endeavours to train young referees to attain a very high standard of refereeing and through that, minimize their mistakes on the field, thereby creating young, competent referees who will serve the game of football proudly.

“I would do everything I could to improve the level of referees. Myself noted several shortcomings on the current developments in the referees  and  would do everything in my power to improve the level of referees. It will be  fine opportunity for the new and young faces,” said MTFA President Mian Rizwan Ali. The  Referee Academy is designed to develop talented young referees who wanted to turn their future as a Referee. Membership will be based upon referees being totally committed to attending training events, workshops and on field performances.
The Academy will accomodate practical and theoretical sessions on regular basis with famous FIFA/National Referees Anis Javed, Arif Siddiqui, Atiq Rehmat Ullah, Fiaz Siddiqui etc in attendance imparting knowledge to young referees, giving them a chance to gain a recognised qualification through PFF led education courses later on.

The development of new referees is one of the MTFA’s top priorities and there are many ways in which the MTFA Referees Committee works to achieve this and the Referees Academy is just one which will provide regular courses that will equip Referees with the knowledge and skills to take charge of the coming matches in Lahore besides PPFL, PFF League and Age-Croup competitions. Most of the referees who will be new to the discipline, the Aademy will planned courses to give them a solid platform for development,” concluded Rizwan.