Malaysia Vs Pakistan; Pakistan Player Ratings

By FPDC Editor, Gauhar Mahmood Azeem

Yousuf Butt-6.5

The debutant goal keeper did really well for the 45 minutes he was on the pitch. A flap for the opening goal shouldn’t have found the Malaysian striker, we put that on the defense though. Great delivery and great commanding presence. Taken off at half time for what looked like an injury to an already bad left leg.


Much better than his last outing in Pakistani colours, the young defender handled the left side of the defense well and tried to participate in attack whenever possible. A neat game.

Manzoor Ahmed-6.5

Great showing by both center-backs. The WAPDA defender stayed close to the opposing striker and let him not get a sniff/shot on goal for much of the game, the shots they did take were from long range.

Alamgir Khan-6.5

Good from the other center-back. Tried to stop everything that came his way, neither of the two goals much his fault.

Faisal Iqbal-7.5

The flying full back was one of the best players for Pakistan today. Malaysia never really got the opportunity to attack from their left wing and the short yet speedy Faisal participated in attack whenever possible, even having a 40 yard cracker that sailed just over the bar.

Muhammad Adil-5

His clearance led to Malaysia volleying in their second goal. Good defending, not much attacking. Only getting a 5 because he helped Pakistan get a 2nd half clean sheet by playing his heart out in the second period.

Ansar Abbass-2.5

Oh what were you thinking? Did nothing noteworthy for the 44 minutes he was on the pitch apart from lashing out and kicking the opponent GK. At 1-0 with Pakistan dominating, his moment of madness cost us dear. The deflation after his sending off led to us conceding one more and then went the game to bed.


Decent, fought really well, moved the ball around, gave his all. Nothing truly spectacular though.

Jadeed Khan-5

The captain couldn’t really recreate his Afghan FC magic at this stage, tried to find Kaleem and Rizwan with some balls but ended up playing a few long. Hit badly on his ankle in the first half, taken off just after the hour mark for Sadaam Hussien.

Rizwan Ahmed-6.5

Looked dangerous, the only one retaining the ball well high up field. Fought really hard and made some good plays. Literally played his heart out. Couldn’t get a shot on goal though as more often than not our midfield composed of 1 or 2 players really close together. Could’ve done better in a 4-1-4-1 or as withdrawn striker.


One shot went really close, when he missed a beautiful Volley by just a yard or two. Couldn’t get many opportunities though and most of his touches came when he dropped low to get the ball. Tired running and taken off at 80′.


Muhammad Omer-8 (Man of the Match-Pakistan)

Came on at the half time interval, a strange time to come on for a GK. Produced a master-class performance to keep a 2nd half clean sheet. He might be shorter than the average goalie but his athleticism is amazing. Tipping a goal bound shot to the cross bar, handling crosses and stopping in-swinging shots. Omer, THE MAN!

Saddaam Hussien-4,5

Made no serious impact after coming on and remained anonymous. Should have passed rather than go for glory on a ball at the edge of the box.


Got no real chance and couldn’t do much in the 10 odd minutes he got.