FootballPakistan.Com becomes PFF’s official internet partners for Palestine and Malaysia ties.

FootballPakistan.Com will serve as internet partners of the Pakistan Football Federation for the games against Palestine and Malaysia.

The agreement would see the FPDC promote these three games online among its following of over 55,000 Pakistani football fans. The website staff will also give match reviews, player ratings and get pictures and videos for Pakistani football fans from the venues.

Pakistan faces Palestine twice next week, 1st March at Punjab Stadium, Lahore and 4th March at Peoples Stadium, Karachi. Also in March the Malaysian U-21 team travels to Lahore for the 2nd leg of their Olympic 2012 qualifier against the green shirts.

FPDC was founded in 2003, by International Referee & Football Journalist Malik Riaz Hai Naveed and Football promoter Ifti Younis, and has grown exponentially through the 8 years it has been on the internet. The website over the years has grown to accommodate sports writers, scouts, and visionaries amongst its staff. Chief Editor Ali Ahsan has gone to write the ‘History of Pakistani Football’ for Dawn.Com and Muhammad Shahnawaz has been a big part of bringing foreign players to play for the Pakistani National Team and has arranged games of the Pakistan International XI.

The website has a massive following of Pakistani football fans, with more than 55,000 visitors visiting the website and making more than 1.6 million clicks during the month of January ‘11 alone.

The goal of the organization has been to promote the game of football in Pakistan and with its partnership with the PFF entering a new era; the website will continue to strive till the realization of its goals.