All Punjab Raiders Football Cup : draws announced

Lahore, 25 Feb: Prominent clubs of Lahore and other districts of Punjab Province will show their mettle when All Punjab Raiders Football Cup 2011 will be played at Raiders Football Club Ground, Faisal Town, from Sunday, 27 February 2011 with Model Town/Raiders FC exhibition match (3 PM).

According to Organizing Secretary Kabir Ahmed Chaudhry, Raiders FC will act as orgnizer in 28-clubs event. All matches will be played at 3.30 PM while 27th March Final is being kicked off at 3 PM.


28 Feb: Shaheen Wahdat v PAF Club

1 Mar : Walton v Nasir Shaheed

2 Mar : Bata FC v Quaid FC Manga

3 Mar : Nadeem v Pensi

4 Mar : Afshan v Rangers

5 Mar : Raiders v Iraj

6 Mar : Publican v St.Michael

7 Mar : Sabzazar v Young Shooter

8 Mar : Jabbar Friends v Samanabad

9 Mar : Garhi Shahue v Flying Horse

10 Mar : Shah Kamal v Fatima

11 Mar : Gulshan Ravi v Pak Fighters

12 Mar : Model Town v winner Shaheen Wahdat /PAF Club

13 Mar : Muneer Shaheed v Winner Walton/Nasir Shaheed

14 Mar : Usmania FC v winner Bata FC/ Quaid FC Manga

15 Mar : Muslim FC, Sheikhpura v winner Nadeem /Pensi

16-19 Mar : 8th Finals

20-23 Mar : Quarter finals

24,25 Mar : Semi finals

27 Mar : Final