PFF-KESC Lyari U14 Football League 2011: draws announced

Lahore, 6 Jan : Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) had announced draws for the 32-matches of PFF-KESC Lyari Football League 2011. The event will be comprized of 32 matches, having 24 league and eight elmination encounters. PFF has engaged in a partnership with the sponsors Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) to organize unique age-limit Lyari Football League, first of its kind for U15 kids, from 8-24 January 2011 at two Lyari Town’s venues.

Lyari Town is one of the eighteen constituent towns of the city of Karachi. It is the smallest town by area in the city but also the most densely populated town. It is bordered by the towns of SITE Town to the north across the Lyari River, Jamshed and Saddar to the east, and Kiamari to the west across the main harbour of Karachi.

Lyari is known as a football hotbed in Pakistan. Many of the nation’s top players come from the area. Football is so popular that unhealthy activities dip significantly during the FIFA World Cup season. The eleven Union Councils of Lyari Town namely UC-01 (Agra Taj), UC-02 (Daryabad), UC-03 (Nayabad) UC-04 (Khada), UC-05 (Baghdadi), UC-06 (Kalri), UC-07 (Bihar Colony), UC-8 (Rangiwara), UC-09 (Singolane), UC-10 (Kalakot) and UC-11 (Nawalane) – will show their mettle with Lyari Town and five outstation outfits Hub, Winder Gaddani, Uthal and Bela in 17-day show.

According to KESC Head of Sports Marketing, Muhammad Zabe Khan, Lyari Town is in Group- D with Bela (Lasbela), Bihar Colony and Khada. The visiting team from Lasbela District of the Balochistan, Hub will clash with Rangiwara, Nayabad, Nawalane in Group-A. Baghdadi,

Kalri and Singolane will locks horns with another outfit from Balochistan viz Winder Gadani in Group-B while Agra Taj, Daryabad, Kalakot will be pitted against another industrial estates in Balochistan, Uthal, in Group-C.

The draws of 32-match PFF-KESC Lyari Football League 2011.

8 Jan : Kalakot v Daryabad (3 PM)

9 Jan: Rangiwara v Nayabad (2.30 PM) , Kalri v Baghdadi (4 PM)

10 Jan: Bihar Colony v Khada (2 PM), Nawalane v Hub (4 PM)

11 Jan: Singolane v Winder (2.30 PM), Agra Taj v Uthal (4 PM)

12 Jan: Lyari Town v Bela (2.30 PM), Rangiwara v Nawalane (4 PM)

13 Jan: Kalri v Singolane (2.30 PM), Kalakot v Uthal (4 PM)

14 Jan:Bihar Colony v Lyari Town (2.30 PM), Nayabad v Hub (4 PM)

15 Jan: Baghdadi v Winder (2.30 PM), Agra Taj v Daryabad (4 PM)

16 Jan: Khada v Bela (12.30 PM), Rangiwara v Hub (2.30 PM), Kalri v Winder (4 PM)

17 Jan: Kalakot v Agra Taj (2.30 PM), Bihar Colony v Bela (4 PM)

18 Jan: Nayabad v Nawalane (2.30 PM), Baghdadi v Singolane (4 PM)

19 Jan : Daryabad v Uthal (2.30 PM), Khada v Lyari Town (4 PM)

20 Jan: WGroup A v RUGroup D (2 PM), WGroupB v RUGroupC (4 PM)

21 Jan: WGroup D v RUGroup A (2 PM), WGroupC v RUGroupB (4 PM)

22 Jan: 2 and 4 PM

23 Jan : Loser of semi finals (3 PM)

24 Jan: Winner of semi-finals (3 PM)