Manchester United the most popular European Club in Pakistan, Arsenal and Barcelona complete top 3!

Using data from our on-line poll

Pakistani youth follows European football more eagerly than one expects. Boys wearing EPL, La Liga and Seria A shirts are seen in colleges and the famous hang-outs in Pakistan.

The English Premier League and the Champions League are two of the most watched things on Pakistani TV today.

Debates over European Clubs and their relative popularities have since long caused a debate amongst the Pakistani youth. We at FPDC wanted to settle this debate once and for all and started a poll on our website asking the Pakistani Football Fans about their favourite club!

The results see Manchester United as expected being crowned the most popular club in Pakistan. Arsenal, maybe surprisingly, are second while Spanish Champions Barcelona are third. Chelsea can be champions in England but are only 6th in our 10 option poll. Real can’t compete with Barcelona can they? They are 5th!

Hot club, ”OTHERS” beats Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Juve to finish 7th!

Here are the results in percentages, BRAG!!!

1) Manchester United 26.08%

2) Arsenal 18.4%

3) Barcelona 13.9%

4) Liverpool 11.6%

5) Real Madrid 11.5%

6) Chelsea 8.11%

Others! 4.8%

7) AC Milan 3%

8 ) Bayern Munich 1.9%

9) Juventus 0.005%