KFL 2010-11: FC Rovers humiliate Orangi Mohammadan 7-2

The 8th Karachi Football League 2010-11 witnessed FC Rovers (Malir) humiliate Orangi Mohammadan a resounding 7-2 with Irfan Junejo scoring the event’s 8th hat-trick for FC Rovers. Salman Shahid scored twice and Sikander Butt scored once for FC Rovers while only Kashif Azam managed to get on score sheet with 2 goals for Orangi Mohammadan. In other game Baloch Youth Garden held defending champions Chanesar Blue 1-1 with Fareed Ahmed (Chanesar) and Sarmad Jaffar (Baloch Youth) getting on score sheet.

FC Rovers went off to a remarkable start when Sikander Butt opened the scoring against Orangi Mohammadan in first minute of game. This was followed by left winger Irfan Junejo humiliate the struggling Orangi side with goals in 9th, 33rd, and 42nd minute to help FC Rovers go 4-0 up at half time. In second half, 5 more goals were scored as Salman Shahid added a brace in 49th and 55th minutes for FC Rovers while Kashif Azam managed two concilation goals for Orangi Mohammadan in 63rd and 87th minutes to make the score 6-2. Irfan Junejo had the last say in the game as he scored his fourth of the game in 88th minute as FC Rovers won the game a resounding 7-2.

Defending champions Chanesar Blue were held 1-1 by Baloch Youth Garden in the second game. Fareed Ahmed gave Chanesar Blue an early lead in 9th minute which they maintained for most of the game. However, Sarmad Jaffar stunned the crowd when he scored the equalising goal for Baloch Youth Garden in 82nd minute to eventually finish the game 1-1.

Both games were played at Baloch Mujahid Stadium in Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi. Referees were Adnan Khan, Babar Khan, Farrukh Riaz, Muhammad Kamran and Saad Kazmi while match commissioners were Abdul Karim and Saleem Arif. The results leave FC Rovers on 7 points from 5 games, Baloch Youth Garden on 8 points from 4 games, Chanesar Blue on 8 points from 5 games and Orangi Mohammadan remain without any point from 5 games in Group ‘A’.

On Tuesday (18.01.2011) National Afridi (Baldia Town) clash with Salaar Welfare Centre (Malir) at 5:30 PM while event organisers Karachi United face Burma Mohammadan at 8 PM.


Fixture (Monday) 17.01.2011

Venue: Baloch Mujahid Stadium – Ibrahim Hyderi, Karachi


FC Rovers beat Orangi Mohammadan 7-2 (4-0)

FC Rovers 7: Sikandar Butt 1, Irfan Junejo (4) 9,33,42,88, Salman Shahid (2) 49,55
Orangi Mohammadan 2: Kashif Azam (2) 63,87

Chanesar Blue and Baloch Youth 1-1 (0-1)

Chanesar Blue 1: Fareed Ahmed 9
Baloch Youth 1: Sarmad Jaffer 82

FC Rovers 7 points from 5 games, Baloch Youth Garden 8 points from 4 games, Chanesar Blue 8 points from 5 games and Orangi Mohammadan no point from 5 games

Fixture (Tuesday) 18.1.2011

National Afridi vs Salaar Welfare Centre at 5:30 pm
Karachi United vs Burma Mohammadan at 8:00 pm

[Source: Riaz Ahmed – 03003926092]