Islamabad to host PFF Grass Root Referees Course

Lahore, 18 Jan : Islamabad  will host PFF Grass Root Referees Course from 2-7 February 2011. Islamabad Football Association (IFA), with the collaboration of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), will organize six-day Course during which 24 participants from various districts of Punjab, Islamabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, FATA and Gilgit Baltistan will turn up for the course. 

On the directives of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, PFF Referee Wing used to conduct such courses. It will be one of the two such courses in year 2011, during which prominent AFC/PFF Referees instructors will give lectures to Under-24 Referees

“PFF Grass Root Referees Course will equip Referees with the knowledge and skills to take charge of the coming matches in PPFL, PFF League and Age-Croup competitions. Most of the referees are new to the discipline and are therefore in need of the course to give them a solid platform for development,” said PFF Secretary General Lt.Col ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi who asked IFA to submit list of 24 participants plus four reserves at deadline of 20 January 2011.

According to IFA President Dr. Fazal Ur Rehman, aiming to improve the abilities and techniques of referees, PFF decided to conduct the course. All the arrangements are being completed to host the course in befitting manner comprising 24 participants from across Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, both having nine while Islamabad will field six.

“During the course, referees will learn both practical and theoretical aspects of refereeing. The best referees may be asked to further develop their skills in the AFC Talent Acceleration Referee’s Course, later on AFC Project Future programme, “ said Lodhi who assured that the players, organizers that PFF is well on the way to take steps for the improvement of the overall game structure of the game and the necessity of referees is very important chapter in the this game of masses.

PFF also asked PFA to adhere to the following while selecting participants (1) Understand, read and write simple English (2) Young, fit both physically/mentally (3) Age from  18 to 24 years (4) Should be Intermediate, involved with refereeing at school, college, university and domestic events.