FPDC Tales: Syed Ali Waseem, ”Success belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

By Syed Ali Waseem, Karachi

I started playing football when i was 15. I used to play cricket before with my friends &  I was very least interested in football at that time. My friend Faraz Uz Zaman Khan who was a good football player at that time always try to create my interest in football by telling me to watch a Manchester United match. So one day I decided to watch a Manchester United game, it was Barcelona who was facing United at Old Trafford “Champions league Semi final 2008”. I watched the whole game United won 1 – 0. I was really impressed by Cristiano Ronaldo because he was doing sublime skills on the field & made the defenders dance.

I started playing football with Faraz from the very next day. Faraz started coaching me & he used to teach me the basics, “How to  kick a ball” , ” Passing” Etc. After 1 year, my ball control & other football basics improved a great deal.

After 2 years of hard work I created my own club named as Ace United Fc. We have no coach, we were just learning football by our own. I played lot of matches for Ace United FC & won many of them. I play Left wing where Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United. I always try to copy him trying step overs, Ronaldo Chop Etc, I know that ” the more i practice the luckier i get”. Osten United FC (the rivals of Ace Utd) asked me to play for their club, Osten Utd was a bigger club than Ace Utd & I always want to succeed in football career so I joined Osten & started playing for them as a winger.

Osten United Fc are now the champions of my town Gulistan e Jauher. I’m really proud that I play for Osten United Fc. Hope i’ll play for Pakistan XI & Manchester United Fc in future as every Man Utd fan dreamed to play in Old Trafford. I’m joining G.S.A ( Youth ) in few days as Sir Adam ( Coach of G.S.A) offered me to join them. Hope my football career goes better & better INSHA’ALLAH .

Now Pakistan is the country with 7th largest population in the world and we can’t even take out 11 good players from 170 million population? It looks easy but its very difficult if we work out on it. PFF needs to focus on the youth of Pakistan because they can mould young talent into football stars. If Pakistan starts this type of campaign then I’m sure we will be playing world cup in & we can also win it very soon. Hope for the best.

Success belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.