FPDC Exclusive Interview with Young Sensational PEL Full-Back Muhammad Sher

FootballPakistan.Com Lahore Correspondent and Editor Gauhar Mahmood Azeem has been out and about the Punjab Football Scene for the past few months, checking out some of the best new talent. During the games involving PEL he has impressed by their young up-coming full-back Muhammad Sher aka. Sheru. He was able to talk to the PEL no. 17 Muhammad Sher. Check out this exclusive Interview.

FPDC: Hey Sher, thanks for taking out time for FPDC and our fans.

SHER: Bismillah-erahman-araheem Thank You for taking our time to interview me. I am delighted. My regards to the FPDC and all the fans of Pakistani Football.

FPDC: Please tell us about your playing history, when did you start, your career in football?

SHER: I started playing football in the year 2000 from my local club ”Muhammadan Pashin” where my brother Malik Sher(Ex-International) was the head coach, his guidance helped me very much and our team won many tournaments. I kept on playing regularly with my studies. I was then offered the chance to play for PEL and i took it. It was then that I realized the gulf between Club and Departmental teams in Pakistan. But now I have settled well Alhamdulilah.

FPDC: Is there any role model for you?

SHER: Many great International players. I have also learned a lot from PEL Coach Mr. Asghar Khan. I respect him a lot.

FPDC: What needs to be changed in pakistani Football?

SHER: Pakistani Football will improve if we focus on Nursery Football. I mean players should be taught and educated in football at a young age. U-11, U-13, U-15 football levels that is.

FPDC: What is your future plan?

SHER: My future plans is to play for the best team in Pakistan. I wish PEL progresses and we become the best team in Pakistan. Because I want to win trophies!

FPDC: Do you see any chance of playing international?

SHER: Inshallah and certainly do. The U-23 camp is next month and I have a great chance, I will do my best. All concerned should pray that this year is very good for Pakistani Football and for me personally as well!

SHER: I thank FPDC again for this opportunity and thank the FPDC fans for supporting us. All the best.

FPDC: Thank You Sher. All the best to you too.

(Note for all players: The FPDC would love to have interviews of every football player in Pakistan playing for a good department/club. If you want to be interviewed send a request with your details to info@footballpakistan.com)