Donate money to Job-less Boxers and win a chance for a photograph with the Pakistan National Football team

During the Press Conference for the KESC Lyari Youth League this month, three champion, job-less, fired boxers came to the conference and protested against their removal from their jobs during cost cuts at KESC.

The boxers include Javed Jan, Zakir Hussien and Shoib Rasheed. All three have won many National Titles. As boxing was their bread and butter, and they come from a poor area, they are in immense financial trouble right now.

The boxers were seen selling ‘Samosas and Pakoras’ on stands during Ramzan to cope with their crisis.

Realizing this and the need to help them, the PFF Marketing Manager, Sardar Naveed Haider Khan, decided to start a fund raising campaign. He has already donated Rs. 25,000 to them himself. And his campaign needs help from all of you to make a difference in these poor boxers lives and help make a difference.

All records of your donation will be provided on inquiry. On our request Sardar Naveed has agreed on an interesting proposition. If an individual donates more than Rs. 10,000 to the cause, he/she will have a picture taken with the Pakistan National Football team before their match with Palestine. Both games, Karachi and Lahore will provide an opportunity to the fans to avail this chance.

Then again, this is for a good cause and the return would be from the Lord himself! The feeling of changing a life or that of helping someone is great.

Donations can be sent to the following Bank Account. And those people who will donate Rs. 10,000 plus can avail the chance of the photograph by mailing for it to and cc. to

Sardar Naveed Haider Khan
A/c No.071000703501
Bank Al Habib Ltd.
Defence Branch Y-Block

Below are the CV’s and the Photographs of these boxers for all to see.