DFA League Lahore: Wohaib FC win A division, FAME FC win division B

By our Lahore Correspondent

WOHAIB FC make it four wins out of four to win the DFA League Lahore A division crown with games still in hand. They asserted their superiority that saw them finishing 2nd in the club PFF league and once again proved that they are a force to be reckoned with on National Level. They beat Bata FC in today’s game with LM Waqas scoring a nice goal.

They might be in the Pakistan Premier League next season if Faysal Saleh Hayat’s request to PFF operations wing of accommodating two more teams in the PPL is accepted.

Real Lahore’ finishing second mean that they will represent Lahore Division in the next Inter-Division/C League National/PFF tournaments as Wohaib are already in the PFF League and may enter the PPL League next season.

In the B division FAME FC proved too good, winning all their games and storming into the DFA League Lahore A division for next season. The club was head and shoulders above the competition and are ambitious to reach the PPL in due time.