Defence Football Fiesta ’11 Week One Update

By Ali Jan Shaukat

As the sun sets on the first weekend of Defence Football Fiesta, we take a look back at what transpired the past two days. With sixteen fixtures split on two days it was sure to be a mouth watering experience. Teams such as Askari Strikers, Real Lahore and FC Kaos among others, battled to get their tournament to a winning start. The tournament did have its fair share of hiccups but as the dust settled on the end of a thrilling weekend, and with nearly 50 goals, it is without doubt that it was us, the neutrals, who enjoyed it the most.

These were the final scores:

Matchday 1

Beaconhouse FC 1-3 Rehmania FC

10’ 20’ Bilal (RFC), 25’ Zohaib (BFC), 42’ Zeeshan Mirza (RFC)

Cavalry United FC 1-1 Askari Strikers FC

18’ Waleed (CUFC), 30’ Kocha (ASFC)

Raiderz 3-1 Nikki FC

27’ Sarmad ( NFC), 30’ 46’ Owais (RDR), 37’ Jasim (RDR)

Teen Spirit 0-2 Real Lahore

10’ Rashid (REL), 32’ Fahad (REL)

Illusions 0-1 Barbarians

38’ Aman (BRB)

Demolition 1-3 El Diablo

7’ 11’ Ali (ELD), 27’ Tallal (ELD), 44’ Zulfiqar (DML)

Matchday 2

Red Devils 3-0 Papa’s United

13’ Nauman (RDV), 22’ Ahmed (RDV), 42’ Billal (RDV)

Galacticos 4-2 Edge of Flames

4’ Abdullah (EOF), 10’ Haseeb (EOF), 15’ 31’ Owais (GLC), 36’ Talal (GLC), 48’ Khurram (GLC)

Kaila FC 1-1 LGS Phase 5

32’ Haider (KFC), 42’ Hasnain (LGS)

FC Kaos 2-1 A1 FC

12’ Zohaib (AFC), 20’ 35’ Armaghan (FCK)

Ball Busters 0-4 Askari 2

12’ Ali, 23’ Tayyab, 30’ Ahmed, 37’ Zargham (ASK)

Pirates 3-1 Jasons

15’ Hayyan (PRT), 27’ Usman (JSN), 32’ Nasir (PRT), 41’ Ahad (PRT)

DDC 9-1 11 Royals

5’ 18’ 24’ 35’ Jasim (DDC), 7’ 22’ 40’ Mehdi (DDC), 34’ 49’ Faraz (DDC), 42’ Ali (RYL)

With 49 goals in only 13 fixtures, we didn’t want the games to end. We can only hope that as the tournament progresses, we see the same amount of energy and competitiveness from the players as they showed this weekend.

The DFF Team would like to thank all participating teams who took part and who will be waiting just as anxiously as us for the next weekend to arrive.

With more than 50 fixtures still to go who is to say the intensity will die down anytime soon.

From everyone here at DFF we wish you all the best of luck for the tournament.