Watch out for this 8 year old Pakistani Canadian talent

[Courtesy: Zaka Ahmed Gondal (FPDC correspondent) & Mr Athar Sabir (Netsoft Solutions Ltd)]

A young talented Kid of NETSOFT FAMILY. who was born in Canada settled Pakistani family. Ahmed Mohsin who attended several camps during the last two years in Canada and has got a lot of training in this field. He is just 8 years old but even then he has got a lot of success in a very short span of time and at very young age which is very fruitful for his future.

Netsoft solution is a local company which is working in Lahore and promoting football for more then 8 years.

This company is also working for the promotion of football by running two clubs and paying the players financially and encouraging them to play. The NETSOFT company has a proper home ground and a lot of supporter who come regularly to see their game.

This young kid has great potential for this game and has played in the summer camp which was run by the top management of NETSOFT in last summer in their home ground and gave training to youth academy without any charges.

It is the first club which is properly run by an IT company who has taken some positive steps for this game.

AHMED MOHSIN who is nephew of Chairman of NETSOFT SOLUTION, Mr. Athar Sabir who is running his company in Lahore and promoting talented people in this game. Mr. Athar has strong affiliation with this game and that’s why he started giving training to this kid at the age of 6 after he saw the interest of his nephew in this game.

It is very good to know that our youth living abroad are encouraging their kids in this game and because of Due to the their positive support and attention, the guy has played in 2009 for DISC AJAX SOCCER ACADEMY camp for 3 months and showed his potential and impressed their coaches.

The next year he got chance to play for MLIKENMILLS MARKHAM CITY CLUB for 3 months in October 2010. Now a days Ahmed is working hard with his physical trainer who is making him strong skill-wise and psychically fit for the upcoming challenges which he has to face in year 2011.

Ahmed wants to join the MANCHESTER UNITED ACADEMY in future because he has done alot of hard work and is equally determined for his selection as he get chance in near future.

We wish him and his family alot of success for this young kid as he has got a lot of potential and he can represent Pakistan at international platform.

When we see young kid like Ahmad Mohsin then we realize it that our young kids have a lot of potential for this game all we need is the special attentions for our youth.

We all give him best of luck for his future.