POA scrap football from National Games, PFF protests

Lahore, 3 Dec: Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s Secretary General Lt.Col ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi has criticized the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) for excluding football from the 31st National Games to be held in Peshawar later this month.

“These types of decisions will send negative impression to all those who are associated with the game or want to seek their future in it. There was not a single Athlete in track and field event of Asian Games and Commonwealth Games but still Athletics is in the Games for the reasons best known to high ups.” Lodhi told, adding that the decision to exclude football has raised several eyebrows.

“It is a game which is watched almost in every part of the country but the way it has been treated is insulting. All the World Cuppers, Olympians are furious over the omission and are looking forward to condemn this ruling in every possible way.”Lodhi had earlier written a letter to POA, President Lt. Gen (Retd) Syed Arif Hasan of which a copy is provided to Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General and Ministry of Sports.

“The decision of excluding this game from the eagerly awaited National Games is absolutely incorrect and very damaging for the development of football in Pakistan,” Lodhi expressed.

Lodhi told that POA’s explanation of snubbing football was on the security grounds as football is an outdoor game. “However, if hockey could be included and be provided with security then certainly other sports also have the right to be included in the national mega event,” Ahmed said. He further said that football is one of the most popular sport in the country and its popularity is increasing day by day under dynamic leadership of PFF Chief Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, so it would not be right to ignore it for the national games.

He stated that there are over 60,000 registered football players in Pakistan and the number of unregistered players, according to a rough estimate is more than one million.

“These players look forward to represent their Regional / Provincial teams in the National Games and these games also provide a very good opportunity of talent hunt to PFF but by the exclusion of this major game POA has not only hurt the keen youth of Pakistan involved in football but has also deprived PFF from a talent hunt opportunity.”

Lodhi has strongly recommended the concerned authorities to review this decision and asked for the game of football to be included in the forthcoming National Games.




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