PFA letter to PFF: Illegal DFA Football League Lahore 2010

The President

Pakistan Football Federation

Football House, Lahore

Subject: Illegal DFA Football League Lahore, 2010.


It is humbly informed you that Punjab Football Association provide yearly Activity Calender to all District Associations. After the result of all District Leagues, the PFA organize the Champion Club Inter Division Competition. The PFA Secretariat submitted the draws and result of the competition but PFF include one club of Lahore and one Club of Faislabad. The included clubs were defeated in qualifying round. I cannot understand the strategy of DFA officials why they are starting league now?

The January is the players registration month. The league period of District has already been announced through yearly Activity Calender is from 15th March to 30th June 2011.

During the scrutiny process in which the larger group of Lahore insisted scrutiny officer to organize the Football League in your supervision but the so called officials of Lahore District Association has refused to organize the league.

As per yearly Activity Calender issued by the PFA, the DFA league is to be held from the 15th March 2011. But DFA officials announced the DFA league w.e.f. 25th December, 2010 against the activity calender of PFA.

Moreover, the DFA Secretary has included several unregistered football clubs in its letter dated 28.11.2010 to participate among registered clubs. Many complaints recieved from the various clubs of DFA Lahore against the inclusion of unregistered club in the League and requested to stop this illegal DFA league in contravention of PFF activity calender for the year 2011.

Agha Muhammad Latif

Secretary General

For President District Football Association, Lahore

In the light of the above, it is requested you, DFA Lahore not to hold the League in this session and act upon the yearly activity calender of the PFA

C.C. General Secretary, DFA Lahore