FPDC Fans: Immediate Steps to Improve Pakistani Football

From facebook.com/footballpakistan

While FPDC grows every day with more followers and more exclusive content we are aware that our fan base represents the most learned, educated football fans from Pakistan. We have football fans, football players, football promoters and highly qualified coaches following us and contributing to the cause.

We asked our Facebook fans, ‘’what should be done immediately to improve Pakistani football?’’ We also promised them we would publish the best comments on the webpage and give a copy to the PFF.

We received a great response with suggestions that can certainly help Pakistan go to the next level in World Football. Here are some of the best comments from the post.

UEFA ‘B’ Licence Coach, Rehan Mirza believes that special attention must be paid towards development of our local coaches. He says while football is played all over Pakistan the coaches can be counted on fingers. ‘’ All kids start by playing on the street or park. They need direction though. Not from critics, but from coaches.’’ He also believes ‘’the only kind of coaches who can help the PFF are people who know how the infrastructure in Pak works. A GOOD Pakistani coach can put it right.’’

FPDC fans Raza Khwaja and Muneer Ahmed want the PFF to invite Football Legends and influential footballers to Pakistan to promote the beautiful game. Well boys, sponsors can help in this regard can’t they?

Haris Ghole wants the PFF and the clubs to make all efforts to bring money into football so that the players can get extra motivation and infra-structure can be improved.

‘Striker’ Ahmed, Rizwan Shan and many other football fans want more football grounds to play in! Rizwan Shan wants to be informed of when the PPL games take place; he wants fans to be facilitated during those games.

Shahrukh Sohail and Hassan Nasir want ‘official’ Youth Leagues to take place and thinks that random matches are not the answer to the problems, U-15, U-17, U-19 Leagues. They say the governing bodies should make setups by which properly arranged competition is present for a player of a younger age. Shahrukh Sohail says, ‘’A League similar to the Geo Super League should run 9 Months and should have more Teams’

Sajid Hussien wants a football mania to take over Pakistan, He says, ‘’ Somehow, somewhere, something has to be done to create a massive football mania in Pakistan that would attract the masses to this sport. The streets, the village grounds, the town parks could all give us those passionate footballers even if we don’t have academies. ‘’ He further says, ‘’ Use media, run a huge campaign, create hype, and show the great goals of our national footballers. Do whatever it takes. Just drag those kids out to the grounds. The sponsors and the money would come in automatically’’ The paid PFF experts should ensure this!

Azeem Zafar Mir says that the government has to take serious interest in the game. Accountability and transparency must be there.

Joey Ali wants the politics in PFF to end and says that more academies are the need of the hour. He thanks the EPL and La Liga for ALL the football awareness Pakistani public has. He wants the PFF to try to get businessmen into running clubs or sponsoring clubs in Pakistan.

Basam Ali wants better coaches; he also wants them to tell the youth that not everyone can be a striker like their Idols. Football is a team sport so youth should look to play in a position that suits them.

Muneer Ahmed and Shahrukh Sohail want Graham Roberts or some other high profile coach to take over the National Team as the local coaches aren’t that good right now. Muneer believes that we are in lack of International Quality stadiums and we need more of them. Well, we can take land from the government, take loans, build stadiums which have shops below the stands and take the rent to pay out the loans can’t we?

Last but not least our dear fan Vincent Valentine, who is not a Pakistani but loves Pakistan and wants to promote football here says, ‘’ You must promote football at club level. Get huge media coverage. PFF should lend support to clubs. A foreign coach and manger are needed. Media coverage of leagues will get you huge money and support.

Thank You dear fans, we are because of you and are your voice and your representatives in the world of Pakistani Football.

To the PFF, you are OUR football federation; you can help football in Pakistan prosper. We are counting on you, you have a huge responsibility. Our prayers are with you!