Bata FC likely to be thrown out of DFA League Lahore as their, AFC coaching certificate holding, players threaten Referee!

By our Lahore Correspondent

Bata FC players grabbed the referee from the collar and walked off the pitch after just 40 minutes of their war with Lahore City FC.

The game was as highly charged as the last BATA FC game was, with tackles flying in on JF-17’s. But the BATA players went one step further this time.

Bata scored around the 20th minute and were leading the game and in control when at 40 minutes a 50-50 tackle saw Bata FC players enraged on the referee. They thought that the City mid-fielder should’ve gotten a straight red but the referee gave no card. Bata FC player and AFC ‘C’ license holder Mukhtar held the shirt of National Level Referee Zubair and threatened him. He received a straight red for his antics. Seeing this Bata FC’ player, AFC ‘B’ license coach, Zahid let loose on the referee and insulted him. Their players walked off the pitch in protest.

The referee, fair play to him, kept on waiting for the team to return to the pitch but they didn’t. The game was called on and the Match Commissioner is to decide disciplinary action on Bata FC and the fate of this game. They are likely to be thrown out of the league on gross misconduct and insult/threat towards the match officials.

It is sad to see AFC qualified coaches engaging in such acts during a game. Where is the spirit of fair play the coaches are supposed to advocate? Under no circumstance is this acceptable. The PFF should look into this matter.