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Pakistan 0-1 Oman at Half Time.

Sorry for joining you all late!

Oman scored in first 10 minutes because of bad judgement (and height) from Jaffar Khan as he was once again chipped over his head for far post.

Pakistan are playing a 4-4-2 it seems with Kaleemullah and Rizwan Asif up front. Midfield is Yasir Afridi, Mehmood Khan, Muhammad Ahmed, and Muhammad Touseef. Defence is Aurangzeb Baloch, Samar Ishaq, Atif Bashir, and Haidar Ali.

Oman are playing easy since scoring, Pakistan is desperate to score and they are playing attacking (albeit misguided) football.

Better than what we did against Thailand so far. Oman have nothing to lose regardless of result.

Lets see what happens in second half. On a side note, Maldives 0-0 Thailand at half time….


Pakistan attacking again from kick off. Muhammad Ahmed’s long range shot goes long way in 46th minute.

48th: Pakistan had a glorious chance from freekick but header straight to Omani goalie!

48th: Oman break but their good play ends up in a poor shot off target.

50th: Oman try a fancy over-head kick. Messed that one completely.

Too much space in our midfield. Oman have room to play while our passing is misguided despite our hard work!

52nd: Kaleemullah cant get first to a lobbed pass which could have taken him one on one with keeper.

Oman are now taking things seriously. They want another goal. Pakistan’s defensive positioning and midfield gaps are costing them now…

Players are looking tired.

Freekick to Pakistan inside Oman half. Clash of heads between Muhammad Ahmed and Omani defender. Both are down injured. Receiving treatment.

56th: Nothing from that freekick

58th: Desperate defending saves Pakistan from conceding. Counterattack leads to a throw-in

59th: M. Rizwan Asif with another sight at goal, goes selfish, and ball straight to keeper after deflection from Omani defender.

Another counterattack ends with a misplaced long ball given away to Oman.

Pakistan still 0-1 down, while Maldives 0-0 Thailand…

62nd: Abbas Ali on for Mehmood Khan

63rd: Pakistan clear Omani corner for a throw-in.

63rd: Yasir Afridi gets yellow card for dissent.

65th: OMAN SCORE! 2-0…defence defence defence…tsk tsk tsk good move by Oman finished by captain Waleed Abdullah.

Samar Ishaq played Waleed on-side, didnt hold his line. Poor tournament as a whole by him for someone who was supposed to bring experience in our defence.

70th min: Omani substitution. Clock is ticking down. Pakistan will finish bottom of this group once again!

Samar down holding his ankle.

In other news…India 3-0 Singapore at the moment. They are going through to the next round!

Meanwhile, the long-ball contest continues.

72nd: Rizwan with a third chance, messes that one wide after being played through.

Akhtar Mohiuddin’s latest sojourn in charge of Pakistan comes to another miserable end it seems.

Muhammad Adil on for Yasir Afridi. Looks like our other foreign boys Fraaz Ahmed and Shani Abbasi will not get a chance at all.

74th: Abbas Ali’s freekick on the right side goes to waste. Too near the goalkeeper.

Ball possession Oman 59% Pakistan 41%

Samar struggling in the field, Akhtar doesnt seem important to change him. Then again, as many as 5 players in this side are playing despite their little knocks and injuries.

79th: Samar does it again, rather than let the ball roll into hands of keeper Jaffer, he plays the ball out for Omani throwin

India now 4-0 Singapore. And where are we again?

80th: Kaleemullah slips inside out trying to cross the ball! Even the Arab commentator laughed at it.

83rd: Jaffar Khan claims an Omani cross.

Thailand 0-0 Maldives even now. Puts our performances into perspective.

85th: Oman makes substitution. Bear in mind Oman has only sent its U21 team, winners of AFC Youth Championship, without over age players for Asian Games.

86th: WOW…Fraaz Ahmed comes on for Aurangzeb Baloch as left-back swap. GET IN THERE LAD! :)

90th: Fraaz Ahmed penalised for foul throw. Oman gets the throw in instead.

4 minutes of added time.

90+1: Oman player gets yellow card for foul on Rizwan Asif. Freekick to Pakistan

Testing Freekick by Abbas Ali off the far post! Unlucky. Goalkick to Oman

93rd: Abbas and Fraaz combine well for cross, Kaleemullah hits it over.

94th: Last action of game. Rizwan Asif gets another good chance to cut in for a pass, blazes it off target instead. Wasteful!


Oman 2-0 Pakistan

Pakistan finish last of the group. Maldives get a 0-0 draw with Thailand.

Its all over. Akhtar sahib’s latest coaching stint for Pakistan comes to an end. What can we say?

Thank you joining us guys. It was a pleasure commentating for you guys. Can’t say the same about watching the games.

The good part is that our boys got to play 3 international games. Pakistani football desperately needs as much international action as possible.

Will heads roll in PFF over this? They spent Rs 9 million (90 lakh) to send this team for Asian Games after POA decided not to send football team initially. Will someone take responsibility? Only time will tell.

Khuda Hafiz :)